Social Network Experiment – Crowd-Sourcing Knowledge

In partnership with NEXTalent Inc., our sister firm in non-executive real estate recruitment, we are experimenting with the establishment of a private communications network (PCN). The prime purpose of this platform is to crowd-source knowledge into collaborative knowledge communities. Our strategy for attracting industry professionals from around the world is to cater to individuals with similar professional interests. Membership in the community is restricted to academics, members of our referral network and individuals that have been assessed for their potential to high-perform in their chosen career function.

Interested professionals and suppliers in investment, real property, civil infrastructure, corporate services, smart-grid sustainable energy and construction are invited to submit their Curricula Vitae or LinkedIn profile for membership consideration.

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Thought Leadership & Trend Watching

We promote and foster thought leadership within our business network with a single service goal in mind, to provide relevant and workable best-practice solutions for our client’s organizational, governance, and leadership needs. Visit our Blog or follow us on Twitter to receive notification of articles that we believe relevant for monitoring industry trends.

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Behavioral Research – High-Performance Benchmarks

We are sponsoring research to benchmark the behavioral attributes common to international high performers in commercial and corporate real estate. Assuming proper education and access to experience, the synthetic validity for accurately predicting an individuals potential for high performance is 83 percent. Our research targets the following functions: Broker Investment, Broker Commercial Leasing, Broker Retail Leasing, Broker Industrial, Corporate Real Estate – Top Exec., Integrated Facility Management Services – Top Account Lead, Pension Fund – RE Portfolio Manager, REIT – Top Acquisition Exec., Equity Fund – Top Asset Manager (Real Estate).

We have access to over 650 positions bench-marked including all C-Suite roles, Top Equities Investment Exec., VP Development (Large format retail) and VP Retail Leasing (Enclosed & Open Mall). For a complete list or to establish a benchmark unique to your corporate culture, please Contact Us.