Industry Referral Ambassador Network

ReferralNET is a proprietary network of subject matter professionals, association executives and thought leaders who act as Referral Ambassadors in their respective industries. Supported by a team of recruitment research/recruiters, ReferralNET Ambassadors receive monetary rewards for successful referrals toward active assignments. Ambassadors also earn residual bonuses when referred talent qualify for membership to the Talent Marketplace.

We’re seeking Digital Community Strategists’ to coordinate our Referral Ambassador networks in the following industry sectors:

  • Commercial & Retail Real Estate (170,000)
  • Planned Lifestyle & Resort Communities (56,600)
  • P3, Airports, Infrastructure & Civil Construction (98,200)
  • Investment Advisory & Institutional Fund Management (88,550)
  • Private Equity Investment (34,850)
  • Life Sciences & Bio/Nanotech (23,750)
  • Nuclear, Cleantech & Sustainable Technologies (51,700)
  • International Trade & Logistics (57,750)
  • Business Continuity & Corporate Security (12,396)
  • Retailers (100,000)
  • Integrated FM & Corporate Real Estate (33,739)

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Becoming a Referral Ambassador

Our strategy for attracting high-quality prospects for our clients from around the world is to maintain a collaborative knowledge and referral platform of individuals with similar professional interests. We call this platform ReferralNET which is a critical subnet of our Intel activities.

We Help You Monetise Your Network

Our Referral Ambassadors are influencers and key connectors with a reputation for professionalism and/or thought leadership in their respective industry sectors. We combine their input with our extensive due diligence to fulfil search assignments for executives, project directors, independent management consultants and mentors.

A Talent Marketplace For The Top 25%

Referral based recruitment remains the most efficient methodology for accessing the hidden job market and the passive candidate. It is also the key method for identifying Talent Marketplace members. The Marketplace is talent management firm similar in some respects to sports agency only it represents executives, managers and corporate staff who have the potential to perform in the upper quartile of their functional peers. The predictive accuracy of our performance assessment is rated by the American Psychologist Association at 85%.

Hires Via Referral Offer Superior Outcomes

Members of the marketplace are considered to be 55% more productive and 25% more profitable then the average performers of their functional peer group.

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Whether you’re gainfully employed or semi-retired, let us show you how you can monetise your network in your spare time by becoming a Referral Ambassador. Chat with our President – Click Here

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