Sales & Marketing Affinity Network

This affinity network is designed to aggregate the top selling and marketing executives into a central nexus where they may be able to collaborate in problem solving, mentor young members, or begin new initiatives through the formation of unique mastermind groups.

We know the core behavioral dimensions necessary for high performance in more than 40 different sales and marketing functions.The membership will also consist of young sales and marketing executives that have been assessed for their potential to high perform in one or more of these benchmarks.

The empiricism behind the research is rooted in actuarial science. The benchmarks have been used by Global 1000 firms for organizational succession planning, project team design, M&A due diligence and vetting of new hires. Both the American Olympic Organization and NCAA have applied these benchmarks to identify high potential athletes and coaches. As well, the U.S. military has used the research to identify ‘Top Gun’ fighter pilots and prospects for Special Forces.

Experienced sales and marketing professionals seeking membership in our Affinity Network should submit their resume to our Research Team for consideration.