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Executive Search, Ad Selection and Recruitment Packages
Our pricing (net of State and Federal taxes) is related to the level of service you require for each posted position.

Review the three service packages below and then contact us to discuss the most appropriate strategy to fit your needs.. Please note,

it’s possible to mitigate recruitment costs by “phasing” AD Selection and Recruitment methodologies.

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Executive Search
Determined According
to Difficulty

Our Executive search solution caters to executive roles where gross compensation is greater than $125,000.00 per annum; or in instances where we’re compiling a Project Team. Our methodology begins with organizational assessment, “Search Scope” statement, assignment of project team and accountabilities, position specification writing, execution of search strategy through to quarterly On-Boarding assessment during the executive’s first year of employment. This pro-active approach places considerable emphasis on research and access to third-party networks. Fee is determined by assessed difficulty of assignment.

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Phase 1.
AD Selection

Administrative Charge:

What Is It?
Ad Selection is a recruitment solution which serves Staff, Sales and Non-executive management positions. Our approach optimizes the web traffic on Rutherford International’s web site, social networks and our knowledge of on-line recruitment.

How Does It Work?
This service combines the reach of the Internet with an unbundled workflow or candidate evaluation process. Our professional recruiters project manage the recruitment process including the quality control of resume responses. We divide the response into “A” and “B” categories along with our recommendation of a short-list of respondents.

On a time and material basis, clients may retain us to write ad copy, the position specification, arrange interviews, test and conduct 360 degree reference checks. This methodology is considerably less expensive than traditional recruitment. If this approach is unsuccessful, the client may up-grade to the recruitment process described below for a modest increase to the administrative charge.

We analyze your job description to determine the most effective key words and rebuild each job for maximum search engine placement. Once your job has been optimized we place it on the Rutherford site, submit it to the blogosphere and industry specific job posting sites; including job aggregating search engines.

What Type Of Employer Does It Benefit?
This service targets the active job seeker, whereas recruitment identifies passive candidates through data base research and third-party referral. We wouldn’t recommend Ad Selection as a singular method for staffing positions where the position has a strategic impact upon your firm’s growth. However in some situations where “time to hire” is flexible or ongoing, perhaps a 15 or 30 day on-line job posting with targeted emailing and micro-blogging is worthy of consideration.

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Phase 2.

Administration Charge:

Our recruitment solution for Non-Executive positions ranging below gross compensation of $110,000.00 manages assignment workflow. We begin with a “needs analysis”, the writing of the position specification, recruitment, selection through to psychometric assessment and On-Boarding monitoring during the new hire’s first six months of employment.

Unlike our Advertising Selection service, this approach is highly pro-active and places considerable emphasis on research, leveraging of external recruitment resources and access to third-party business networks. The Administration fee is a combination of time & materials. We deduct this administrative charge from the hiring fee upon completion. The calculation of the fee is determined by assessed difficulty of assignment, use of our third party recruitment network and payment terms.

Note: An Ad Selection client may upgrade to the Recruitment service for a modest increase to the administrative fee.

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Rutherford Int’l Advertising Selection & Search Process
Ad Selection
Exec. Search
Conduct organizational assessment – determine clear definition of problem. Is out-side recruitment necessary?
Provide counsel on structure, organizational relationship and compensation of position.
Provide counsel on development of a position specification and candidate qualifications
Contribute to writing Position Specification and advertising copy
Develop weighted analysis based on Position Specification
Plan and schedule recruitment strategy – manage work flow process
Insert job posting on Rutherford proprietary career site & international real estate job board
Post to 3rd party job boards & social networks
Subject to assignment scope and geography – Select & Manage 3rd party network of pre-screened recruiters.
Comprehensive research of industries, companies and geographical areas where candidates might be found
Pro-active referral based networking with objective to recruit qualified candidates other than advertising respondents.
Database mining for candidates
P2P pre-screening/candidate matching
Contact and present opportunity to desired candidates. Conduct preliminary screening of respondents
In-depth 360 degree verification of short-listed candidate’s record, qualifications and reputation.
Psychometric Assessment, Creativity Profiling, Intrinsic Interest Analysis.
Assist with interview process and determination of suitability.
Provide counsel on negotiations both to the hiring organization and the candidate.
Strategize and present offer of employment.
Counsel selected candidate on terminating their employment
Quarterly On-Boarding Assessment – 90 Day Goal/Issues Management
Ensure signing of all contract and non-disclosure agreements for contract hires
Replacement Guarantee Period – subject to agreed terms
0 months
6 months
12 months
Out-Source Your Recruitment Department
Ad Selection
Exec. Search
Dedicated Associate to provide ongoing training and recruitment support
HR Supplier Management & Quality Control
Unlimited technical and application helpdesk support
Competitive and flexible fee structure:

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* Additional Ad Selection & Recruitment work flow management charges calculated on time and material basis..
** $6,500.00 admin. charges deducted from placement fee. *** Ad Selection clients are able to upgrade to Recruitment Service.