Advanced Statistical Validity Analysis

The research provides a single, highly accurate predictor of an individual’s potential for on-the-job success within an accuracy of 83%. Our scientifically derived performance benchmarks evaluate a person’s potential for on-the-job high performance. We access the same research scientist used by Global 1000 corporations, the American Olympic Association, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the USAF for identifying Top Gun fighter pilots and selecting Special Forces.

Industry Specific Benchmarks – Under Study

Currently sponsoring research to measure the behavioral attributes common to high performers in commercial and corporate real estate. The research is focusing on the following functions: Broker Investment, Broker Commercial Leasing, Broker Retail Leasing, Broker Industrial, Corporate Real Estate – Top Exec., Integrated Facility Management Services – Top Account Lead, Pension Fund – RE Portfolio Manager, REIT – Top Acquisition Exec., Equity Fund – Top Asset Manager (Real Estate).

We are seeking additional corporate sponsors to participate in study. Sponsors will receive special pricing when utilizing the results, please Contact Us.