Executive & Project Management Search

Our approach to search emphasizes research and third-party referral networks. We supplement our data analytics with input from international researchers and referral ambassadors who operate across three continents. This approach allows for a global perspective while accessing local knowledge of talent in diverse markets.

“Network of international researchers & referral ambassadors”

High performing executives and tier-one project managers have little time for matters other than the business at hand, and even less time to entertain a pitch from a search consultant that understand their project scope. Core to our competency for identifying and attracting superior talent is our analytical rigour and intellectual curiosity. It’s the application of these search traits, which gives a referral source confidence in sharing their network or a prospect a willingness to share their career aspirations.

“High Performers Need a Reason to Change”

At the heart of any searching exercise, intellectual curiosity and genuineness are vital to both understanding and promoting a client’s potential in the industry; or taking a genuine interest in helping a talented prospect achieve their potential.