Executive Search

Our approach to search places a high degree of emphasis on research and third-party referral networks. We supplement our corporate data-mining with a distributive network of international researchers operating across three continents. This approach to research fosters a balanced global perspective with in-depth local knowledge that affords us the ability to mine talent in diverse markets.

“Distributed network of international researchers”

High performing executives have little time for matters other than the business at hand, and even less time to entertain a pitch from a search consultant that hasn’t done their homework. Core to our competency for identifying and attracting superior talent is analytical rigour and intellectual curiosity. It’s the application of these traits which permits us to engage a prospective candidate and refocus their direction.

“High Performing Executives Need a Reason to Change”

At the micro level, this same research rigour is necessary for mapping competitive talent or outlier skills to the position specification. At the macro level, intellectual curiosity is fundamental to both understanding and promoting the client’s potential in the industry; and uncovering a targeted candidate’s capacity for achieving their potential.