Rutherford International is an executive search, talent marketplace and management consulting firm. We create value by matching companies and individuals who have unique expertise in fostering enterprise growth through executive, management and project leadership.

Intel & Influencer Network Analytics

We apply social network analytics in three key areas of our practice: Internal, External and Affinity Network Development. Our strategy for attracting industry professionals from around the world is to maintain a collaborative knowledge network that caters to individuals with similar professional interests.

The Internet initially compressed the connectivity of networks from six degrees of separation down to three, however, the algorithms used in social network analysis (SNA), has reshaped the analytic landscape in terms of how analysts understand the role of influencers within network connectivity. As a result, multiple degrees of influence is a far superior method in the field of intelligence gathering and recruitment. Read More

Executive & Senior Project Search

The core of our search practice is executive and senior project executive search focusing specifically on assignments that have a high impact on the client’s operations. Talent is your profit lever, and we understand what to look for in talent that can drive market expansion, stabilize an asset or reposition through strategic alliance or co-venture partnerships. Our science-based methods have an 85% predictive accuracy for determining an individual’s potential to achieve high performance in most top tiered executive, management and key staff roles. Read More

Management Consultant Clearinghouse

Members of our Management Consultanting Clearinghouse have specialized skills and experience in M&A, management consulting, investing, corporate strategy having had prior experience in the corporate office, tier one management consultancies’, investment banking and private equity firms. Available for hourly fees or indeterminate contract periods, Consultants from the Clearinghouse provide support services in financial modelling, business plan development, due-diligence/M&A support, industry research, marketing plans, roadshow & presentation material coordination and accounting. Read More

Talent Marketplace

An integral component of Rutherford International, NEXTalent is a talent marketplace of Tier One professionals and rising young stars whose on-the-job performance benchmark exceeds 80% or more of their peers. Members of the Marketplace have the potential for high-performance in one or more of the following functions, finance and accounting, property operations and management, sales and leasing, design and planning, development, construction, project management, acquisition, disposition and portfolio management. Read More

Mentors & Coaches On-Call

Developing a proper knowledge sharing strategy has become a vital necessity for the modern workplace, as more and more Millennials are joining the workforce and Baby Boomers are approaching retirement. These individuals are joining and leaving companies so often that official memory is becoming ephemeral.

Designed to support employee development programs, Rutherford’s KnowledgeNET is a learning management platform which connects critical employees of an organization to semi-retired subject-matter experts and qualified coaches. Members in our KnowledgeNET service are willing to share operational knowledge and counsel instantly for an hour, a day or more in a secure video conferencing format. The platform is particularly effective supporting internal career development programs sponsored by a client’s Human Resources Department. Read More