Our roster of independent corporate consultants and advisors permits organizations to find and engage top-tier independent finance and consulting professionals for project specific and time-based contracts.

This service caters to a growing cohort of knowledge workers who seek new ways to utilize their skills and expand their networks while gaining control over their personal and professional lives.

A Service Catering to the Gig Economy

Consultants-On-Demand is an innovative employment alternative for employers seeking flexible access to unique knowledge, and for adherents keen to become part of the expanding cohort of Gig Economy workers. Eighty per cent of the engagements can be fulfilled remotely and don’t require onsite space requirements. Professional fees are charged in $USD and Euro.

Consulting Professionals in the program have specialized skills and experience in M&A, DCF analysis, acquisition analysis, valuation, management consulting, investing, corporate strategy, performance improvement and turnaround management. All consultants have been thoroughly vetted and are available on a project or contracted basis through Rutherford International.

The Consultants have prior experience in one or more of the following: a corporate office, tier one management consultancies’, investment banking, hedge funds, real estate advisory and private equity firms.

Their skills and experience are in one or more of the following: financial modelling, business plan development, due-diligence/M&A support, industry research, marketing plans, roadshow & presentation material coordination and accounting.

Our performance improvement and turnaround team members are experienced operators and industry veterans capable of decisive action to transform organizations and help their clients turn to change into a strategic business asset, manage risk and unlock value.

Contracting Organizations

Private Equity Funds Hedge Funds
Boutique Consulting Firms Small/Medium Enterprises
Start-Up Investment Fund Advisory
Real Estate Owner/Developers Property Services

Management Consultant Profile Examples

  • Investment banker / Private equity professional turned entrepreneur
  • Independent management consultant with a top-tier MBA
  • Experienced investment management professional
  • Venture capital professional
  • Experienced marketing / corporate development professional
  • Certified Turnaround Officer (CTO)

Typical Project & Indeterminate Contracts

  • Financial modelling and analytical support for a private equity investment
  • Research and presentation work for a consulting study
  • Creation of a business plan and fundraising materials
  • Evaluation of a new market opportunity
  • Operational or financial turnaround of an underperforming asset
  • S.W.O.T. & P.E.S.T. analysis
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  • Start-Up Venture Structuring  Read More
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