How It Works

The Consultant Clearinghouse is a flexible work solution that’s fitting for the digital era and Gig economy. All contractors are fully vetted and behaviorally assessed for their potential to high perform in management consulting and the required functional role.

Clients post their RFP for free, the system determines the optimum short-list of consultants to receive the RFP invite. We facilitate connectivity between firms and the professionals for hire in a manner that is discreet and confidential. Our fee is paid by the contracting consultant.

In some instances, a contractor may be between jobs and would be open to having their contract converted to a full-time status. In this instance, a fee is paid by the employer to our firm. Clients may access the clearinghouse talent pool to advertise for full-time employees.

The Benefits

The benefit to a small and medium size enterprise is the accessibility it provides to high-performing financial, legal and management consulting skills normally limited to large organizations capable of affording high-cost full-time professional services. It’s also an effective method of sampling expertise before committing to the long-term.

For the contractor, the benefit is having an international executive search firm acting as your booking agent and HR department if you need to staff a project team.