Sales & Marketing Management Consultants

Our Consulting Network of professional sales and marketing executives have the expertise to reconfigure your sales and marketing departments including reshaping your distribution channels.

How would you answer any one of these questions:

  • Is your firm bumping up against a revenue ceiling?
  • Does your current sales/leasing executive lack the time or single-minded focus to build your company using smart, integrated strategies that use advanced sales and marketing programs in concert with the latest lead generation and CRM technology?
  • Have you applied the latest findings in science based hiring  to ensure your sales/leasing team have the potential to be high performing professionals?

Identifying Top Performance Through Applied Science

Solution based selling requires a much different set of skills than selling a product or service where the customer is already aware of their need. Core to effective selling is the selling executive’s underlying behaviour. We research has established the core behavioural dimensions necessary for high performance in more than 40 different sales and marketing functions.

Research That Is Rooted in Actuarial & Behavioral Science 

Our benchmarks have been used by Global 1000 firms for organizational succession planning, project team design, M&A due diligence and vetting of new hires. Both the American Olympic Organization and NCAA have applied these benchmarks to identify high potential athletes and coaches. As well, the U.S. military has used the research to identify ‘Top Gun’ fighter pilots and prospects for Special Forces.

Experienced sales and marketing professionals seeking membership in our Affinity Network should submit their resume to our Research Team for consideration.