KnowledgeNET – A Learning Platform

KnowledgeNET is an open-source knowledge archive and learning platform with global access to industry professionals, experts and thought-leaders belonging but not limited to Rutherford International’s ReferralNET. Its curators connect clients employees to Influencers who have agreed to be on-call for mentoring and tactical advice for an arranged fee.

Knowledge On-Call

The Learning Platform has advantages for clients and their employees alike. It offers workforce leverage for the former and elasticity in gathering decisive tactical information for the latter. Companies that reimagine their business models by adopting a contingent on-call consultative network to support their workforce with unique knowledge offers them a real competitive edge.

How it Works

Whether one needs a mentoring coach, a one-off independent opinion, a personal sounding board, or advice from a subject-matter veteran, the motivation to seek external expertise will be measured by its on-call utility. Our Knowledge Curators recognize that the price, time and effort must be lower, and quality of advice greater than the cost of gathering the information from inside your own network.

Clients Choose Their Advisor

The interface with our Knowledge Curator is straight forward, you tell us what you’re seeking to learn, the scope of information expected, the preferred interaction and the timeframe required. We identify the relevant expertise in our ReferralNet or conduct an external search for the most knowledgeable source. Our Knowledge Curator presents you with a short-list of Advisors, a profile of their expertise and their billing rate. You select your preferred Advisor and our team look after the logistics through to completion.

Contracting Organizations

Private Equity Funds Hedge Funds
Boutique Consulting Firms Small/Medium Enterprises
Start-Up Investment Fund Advisory
Real Estate Owner/Developers Property Services

KnowledgeNET Advisory Profile Examples

  • Investment banker / Private equity professional
  • Independent management consultant with a top-tier MBA
  • Experienced investment management professional
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Building Science & Operations
  • Certified Turnaround Officer (CTO)
  • Chief Revenue & Chief Marketing professionals

Typical Project & Indeterminate Contracts

  • Mentoring Engagement – Counsel with a non-conflicted veteran
  • Consultation to access deep sector expertise
  • Webinars – in-depth and tailored understanding of trends & opportunities
  • Evaluation of a new market opportunity
  • Navigating internal conflicts & objectives
  • Research – access opinions from KnowledgeNET advisors
  • In-Person – face-to-face meetings with industry thought-leaders
  • Speakers Bureau – arrange subject matter panellists for corporate events
  • Corporate Training – trainers for corporate leadership off-sites
  • Start-Up Venture Advice Read More
  • Sales Channel Improvement Read More