Our Search Scope

Our scope of search services is comprised of executive and project director search, a curated Consultant-On-Demand platform for independent corporate consultants and a Mentor-On-Call service that offers timely advice or ongoing mentorship to a client’s key talent.

We also act as Career Agents to a gated community of talent who our predictive analytics rank their potential to perform in in the top 25% of their functional peers.

Global Reach

Our strategy for attracting industry professionals from around the world is to maintain a collaborative knowledge and referral network of industry professionals and known thought leaders. We manage an international team of talented research/recruiters, intelligence experts and trend spotters who facilitate our talent identification, recruitment and organizational mapping services throughout North America, United Kingdom, MENA, Australia and East Asia.

Our Methodology

We view search as an exercise in intelligence gathering, relationship management, behavioural analysis and data analytics. The American Psychologist Association ranks our science-based methods for accurately predicting an individual’s potential to perform at 85%.

Corporate Executive Search

Our approach to search places a high degree of emphasis on research and third-party referral networks. We supplement our corporate data-mining with a network of international researchers and referral ambassadors operating across three continents. Read More

Specialized Search

  • Senior Project Executive & Project Director, Read More
  • Turnaround Executives (CTO & CRO), Read More
  • M&A and Partnership Search, Read More

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