Rutherford International sets the benchmark for real estate investors and internal fund managers for performing a fair comparison between their respective property portfolios and the market standards. We employ datasets in order to record our internal financial data comprising the information about the properties we developed, enabling the industry experts to perform a deeper analysis of a wide range of milestones and cross-sections throughout the market. We keep performing our internal research to achieve more and upgrade.

Rutherford International benchmarking is of quite importance which therefore is highlighted for a specific reason, i.e. organizing an asset owner survey. The organization aims at reviewing the role of real estate in the context of risk management, which is multi-asset, by the way. Our principle of benchmarking involves examining the performance and identifying the responsible causes at major. The corresponding strategy effects can be measured by the scores of the market allocation. A separate benchmarking guide is provided, including an elaboration of such discussions.

We got the ability to produce benchmarks any different levels (viz. asset level and fund level), as we are experts in holding and managing cash, fee, and debt related matters. Moreover, the overall aspects (viz. both strategic and operational) of a specific property are interconnected throughout.