Online Meeting

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Remote Meeting Locations

Once international travel returns to some degree of normality, the locations below are four of a number of locations we hold face-to-face meetings with clients and talent marketplace members.

Toronto: Albany Club, 91 King Street, East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5C 1G3 Tel: 1-416-250-6300

Calgary: The Petroleum Club, 319 Fifth Ave. S.W., Calgary, Alberta T2P 0L5 Tel: 1-403-441-8763

United States: The Princeton Club of New York, 15 West 43rd Street, New York, New York 10036, Tel: 855-256-5778

United Kingdom: St. James Club, 7-8 Park Place, St. James’s, London, U.K. SW1A 1LS Tel: 44 (1225) 976 499