Retaining Generational Knowledge

The Challenge:

It’s not enough to simply back up a company’s digital content management system to ensure business continuity. Institutional knowledge is a complex concept that can be carried out of the office each evening, and it’s not always clear who owns it. With the Baby Boomer generation entering retirement, many experienced employees are leaving the workforce, which can lead to a loss of valuable knowledge within corporate and industry structures.

To ensure business continuity and maintain market position, it’s crucial to archive this institutional knowledge in a searchable format and prepare replacements who are flexible and adaptable to change. Even in the case of layoffs, having a carefully archived record of institutional knowledge can help a business quickly relearn its past successes and move forward despite the losses.

A Solution Using Network Analysis:

Recognising the custodians of institutional knowledge within your business is crucial for archiving vital information. Identifying the team members who hold historical solutions to common business challenges ensures smooth business operations. It facilitates the identification of key influencers in the social network. Effectively documenting the expertise of these influencers is a valuable asset for any company, offering insights into the information that underpins business decisions. Access to these records enables all employees to proactively navigate challenges and maintain business continuity seamlessly.