Retaining Generational Knowledge

The Challenge:

Ensuring business continuity starts with more than just backing up a company’s digital content management system. Institutional knowledge is much more complex and can be taken out of the office each evening, where it rarely follows a specific chain of ownership. The demographic shift currently taking place has the Baby Boomer generation entering retirement and leading an exodus of talent within corporate and industry structures.

Archiving this valuable institutional knowledge in a searchable archive while ensuring their replacements are agile to change is crucial for business continuity and preserving business positions in the market. Even when layoffs become necessary, carefully archived institutional knowledge helps a business relearn its past successes quickly despite the losses.

A Solution Using Network Analysis:

Understanding who holds the institutional knowledge within your business is essential if you want to archive important business information. Knowing which team members are the ‘go-to’ people in an organization for historical solutions to everyday business problems helps with business continuity. It allows you to map influencers within a social network. Accurately archiving these influencers’ key knowledge is an invaluable asset for any company, providing insight into the specific pieces of information that drive business decisions from within. Having access to these archives lets everyone in an organization stay ahead of the game and continue business as normal at all times.