Retaining Generational Knowledge

The Challenge:

There is more to ensuring business continuity than backing-up a company’s digital content management system. Institutional knowledge is more nuanced, it leaves the office each evening and rarely follows a chain of command.

A demographic shift is taking place with the ageing Baby Boomer slipping into retirement. This exodus of talent translates into a loss of institutional knowledge at all levels of the corporate (and industry) hierarchy. Archiving seasoned employees knowledge in a searchable archive while ensuring their replacements are resilient to change is instrumental in sustaining business continuity and market position.

A Solution Using Network Analysis:

Before you can begin to archive, you need to know who the knowledge managers are in your organization. There are always two or three “Go to” employees in an organization that seem to recall a past solution to a recurring problem. At a micro level, we are able to map these nodes of influence within an organization’s social network thereby ensuring the right people are targeted for the archiving of their knowledge.