Identify Effective & Motivated People

We specialize in executive search, assessment and act as a talent agent to a marketplace of top performers whose performance potential exceeds 75% of their peers. However, you don’t need to engage our talent placement services to have access to our Assessment tools.

Finding effective and motivated people can be a predictable and consistent process if done right. We help clients avoid the cost of a bad hire.

Performance Assessment Service

We recognize clients may have sourced candidates through other means or are considering an internal prospect. We’ve unbundled our assessment services so that clients are able to use our functional benchmarks in their hiring decision.

We’re happy to oblige! We welcome the opportunity to help clients differentiate high potential candidates from high performers and increase retention by focusing on better-fit hiring and promotion.

Avoiding Confirmation Bias

The cost of hiring error is staggering both for the candidate and the employer. Eighty per cent of all involuntary terminations are due to poor behaviour and not under-performance. Unravelling a wrong executive (or even staff) hire can set a firm’s performance back, lead to the loss of key employees, and even be fatal to the firm and its stakeholders. Our methods mitigate the risk of costly litigation by removing bias from the hiring decision.

Predicting Future Potential

We offer over 653 functional benchmarks and 6 career themes which span a wide variety of industry and professional work categories and can offer you this level of forwarding planning intelligence. A predictive audit to determine potential can facilitate the uncovering of employees with flexible high, performing competencies. Such an audit of internal talent ensures a client’s top performers can fulfil their capabilities with the organization, thereby increasing the flexibility of competency within the workforce while mitigating the risk of losing critical skills.

Available RE Performance Benchmarks

Our benchmarks encompass all significant industry, capital market and professional classifications. Our real property benchmarks include Pres./CEO Real Estate Developer, Pres/CEO Integrated Corporate Services, Pres./CEO Large Retailer, Chief Financial Officer, Project Management Executive – Major Project, VP Human Resources, Lawyer – Real Estate Development, Chief Corporate Security, VP Retail Operators, VP RE Dev., Director RE Dev., VP Retail Leasing, Senior Mgr. Retail Leasing (Open & Enclosed), Greenfield Retail Leasing, Controller, Senior Accountant Jr./Intermediate Property Accountant, Senior Project Manager, Architect, Portfolio/Asset Manager, Store Manager – Retail, Franchise – Retail.

For a complete list or to establish a benchmark unique to your corporate culture, please Contact Us.