Identify Effective & Motivated Hybrid Talent

Hiring effective and motivated staff capable of hybrid or remote work is no longer a matter of chance! Supported by behavioural and performance analytics, our specialized talent acquisition and Performance Assessment Services (PAS) give organizations confidence that each hire is committed and dependable. Furthermore, our performance analytics assess candidates’ potential for success and furnishes an integrated audit of their communication and team-oriented skills – attributes fundamental to remote and hybrid working success. With these attributes, organizations can be confident that their hybrid and remote workers are dependable contributors to overall growth and profitability – with every hire.

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Performance Assessment Service (PAS)

We know our clients use a wide range of talent sources, but we aim to ensure every organisation enjoys superior outcomes with every hire. That’s why we unbundled our Performance Assessment Service (PAS) from our comprehensive talent acquisition program; this gives you the flexibility to appraise ambitious internal prospects for promotion or incoming hires from external platforms. Our PAS measures candidates against industry-specific benchmarks developed over thirty-plus years of performance research, allowing you to recognise true high performers and reduce your hiring risk. With PAS, you can have the confidence to pick out the above-average prospects you need for your succession plans.

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Avoiding Confirmation Bias

Looking to reduce risk and confirmation bias when recruiting highly valuable staffers? Our company’s advanced analytics offers unprecedented visibility into applicants’ qualifications, competencies, tendencies, and preferences. Our science-backed approach to predicting performance enables organizations to choose the best candidates with confidence and peace of mind – guaranteeing above-average quality for future succession planning. As costly hiring mistakes can historically burden stakeholders and threaten an organization’s existence, our assessment can minimize the risk associated with confirmation bias-based errors in recruitment decisions. Invest in that extra layer of reassurance by utilizing our trusted team for hiring today!

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Future Proofing the Enterprise Against a Downturn

Layoffs may be inevitable during a downturn, but proper performance assessments can be conducted to reduce long-term risk and secure competencies needed for organizational success. By analyzing above-average performers with the goal of nurturing their growth and career continuity within the company, layoff decisions can become more strategic. Identifying higher flight risk individuals amongst top performers is also critical; organizations should proactively create succession plans that ladder these employees into stable internal roles with access to necessary education and experience. Through careful performance audits and practical succession plans, businesses can ensure their experienced team members continue driving success despite adversity.

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Sample of Performance Benchmarks

We offer over 2,500 functional performance benchmarks and 35 career themes that span various industry and professional work categories. Our real property benchmarks include Pres./CEO Real Estate Developer, Pres/CEO Real Estate Development Founder, Pres/CEO Integrated Corporate Services, Pres./CEO Large Retailer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Investment Officer, Project Management Executive – Major Project, Project Management – Owner Rep, VP Facilities, VP Account Management, VP Human Resources, Lawyer – Real Estate Development, Chief Corporate Security, VP Retail Operators, VP Development – Retailer, VP RE Dev., Director RE Dev., VP Retail Leasing, Senior Mgr. Retail Leasing (Open & Enclosed), Greenfield Retail Leasing, Controller, Investment Analyst, Senior Accountant Jr./Intermediate Property Accountant, Senior Project Manager, Project Management – Construction, Chief Superintendent – Construction, Architect, Portfolio/Asset Manager, Store Manager – Retail, Franchise – Retail.

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