Our Focus

Our service is dedicated to supporting the growth and revitalization efforts of SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) in the technology, manufacturing, and distribution sectors. We facilitate connections between skilled executives and private equity firms as well as public hedge funds, which offer equity or debt financing options or seek to acquire businesses with EBITDA ranging from $2MM to $50MM.

Our approach to revitalization involves refining management teams and corporate structures, often accompanied by the infusion of new follow-through capital. In order to align our advice with desired outcomes, we are open to reserving a percentage of our consulting fee, which would be held in a sidecar and aligned with the equity investors’ exit strategy.

Our ultimate goal is to enhance the overall structure of companies and make their journey more engaging and successful.

Private Equity Partner Identification

Our goal is to connect private equity firms seeking to invest in or acquire businesses with EBITDA ranging from $2MM to $50MM, with highly skilled operating executives. These executives must possess a proven track record of success, having held positions of CEO, COO, President, or General Manager with P&L responsibility in companies or divisions generating at least $25M in revenues.

Angel Network Management & Crowdfunding Experimentation

The purpose of this service is to support the initiation or revitalization of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) operating in the fields of technology, manufacturing, and distribution. The target companies should have earnings below $2MM in EBITDA. In some cases, revitalization may involve improving the management team or refining the organizational structure before injecting new capital.