New Venture Accelerator

Members of our Advisory Network trade their knowledge with targeted entrepreneurs to incubate a start-up in return for long term incentives. This service incorporates a critical degree of objectivity associated with developing structure, functional missions, positional design, and determining corporate objectives including the fostering of potential merger, acquisition and divestiture strategies.

Real Estate Developer Alliance

Rutherford International is sponsoring the creation of a co-venture development fund which will support young acquisition and development entrepreneurs seeking working capital for sustainable and/or carbon-efficient projects. Participation with the fund will include support from a strategic alliance of project partners and an advisory board of experienced mentors. Principal participants will undergo a rigorous vetting process addressing education, experience, the project and the feasibility plan followed by a behavioural assessment that determines their potential for high performance in the role of “President/CEO, Real Estate Development.”

Corporate Renewal – Finding Value Through Operational Turnaround

Once-stable and competitive companies often with crushing legacy liabilities find themselves struggling to improve their operational and financial performance.

No business can take stability for granted

The reason may be singular or multiple but often they include more than one of the following signs of trouble: ineffective management, hyper-diversification, weak financial structure, unsustainable pension liabilities, poor banking relationships, poor labour relations, declining market share, unmanageable growth, poor client diversification, nepotism and of course, not having or working a plan.

Signs of trouble may be singular or multiple

A turnaround specialist, operating as either an interim manager or consultant, may replace a company’s CEO and/or temporarily take over the decision-making processes of a company to lead it toward stability. Alternatively, a turnaround professional may become an active adviser to a troubled company’s board of directors.

Partner Search

In our capacity as a “social and corporate network facilitator,” it is not uncommon in the executive search profession to introduce talent to sophisticated investment funds. We align the interests of capital pools with highly competent yet undiscovered entrepreneurial executives seeking early-stage funding. These entrepreneurial prospects undergo a rigorous assessment to determine their capacity to manage a venture before we promote an introduction to our network of funding sources.