New Venture Accelerator

Our NEXTalent Marketplace Advisory members are essential in assisting entrepreneurs with their start-ups. They provide valuable expertise in various aspects of business development, which helps shape the structural and strategic elements of the start-ups. Additionally, they facilitate potential merger, acquisition, and divestiture strategies. This collaboration between experienced advisors and aspiring entrepreneurs is crucial for the growth and success of new ventures.

Real Estate Developer Alliance

Our founder, Forbes Rutherford, collaborates with investment funds keen on backing emerging acquisition and development visionaries seeking financial support for sustainable, eco-friendly projects. In our commitment, we link these startup visionaries with a consortium of project partners and an advisory panel comprised of seasoned mentors. All key participants undergo a rigorous vetting procedure assessing their education, background, project particulars, feasibility strategy, and behavioural profile to ascertain their potential for excelling in the role of “President/CEO, Real Estate Development.”

Corporate Renewal and Turnaround

“Unearthing Value Through Operational Revival”

Many previously stable and competitive firms, now weighed down by substantial legacy obligations, are confronted with the task of elevating their operational and financial effectiveness.

“No enterprise can presume stability as a given”

The causes of such challenges can be singular or manifold, often encompassing a blend of these factors: ineffective leadership, excessive diversification, fragile financial foundation, unsustainable pension commitments, strained banking ties, troubled labour relations, dwindling market presence, unmanageable expansion, insufficient customer variety, nepotism, and, naturally, absence of a coherent strategy or its flawed execution.

“Indicators of distress may be isolated or combined”

A turnaround expert, whether assuming the role of an interim executive or adviser, holds the potential to step in as a fresh CEO or temporarily wield decision-making power in a company. Their primary aim is to steer the enterprise towards stability. Alternatively, a turnaround specialist can also function as a proactive consultant to a struggling firm’s board of directors.

Partner Search

As a facilitator for social and corporate networking, we are able to connect talented C-suite executives with sophisticated investment funds. Our main objective is to align the interests of venture pools with exceptionally skilled and innovative entrepreneurial executives who are in search of early-stage funding or keen to assume responsibility for an under-performing portfolio investment. Before introducing these promising entrepreneurs to funding sources, we subject them to a rigorous assessment to evaluate their ability to effectively lead a venture.