A Talent Agency That Represents You

“We Understand the Value of Our Community Members”

NEXTalent is a knowledge community and talent agency that connects companies with a marketplace of industry thought leaders, influencers, and talented professionals. In today’s post-COVID and Generative AI workplace revolution, companies are realizing that high-performing talent is becoming increasingly scarce. Despite governments claiming that there are more jobs than people to fill them, this notion is questionable, and the same governments forecast that AI and automation will reduce the workforce by 40% in the next ten years. This means that above-average performers will have the ability to set their value, much like a free agent in sports.

The NEXTalent Marketplace is purposefully designed to cater to the scenario where exceptional talent has the freedom to establish their own value. Members are empowered to determine their market worth, while we offer guidance and assistance, ensuring that NEXTalent members position themselves in the upper quartile of the compensation range. Through our Talent Agency and TalentNET platform, we facilitate the seamless relocation of members to employers who are willing to meet their terms.

What distinguishes NEXTalent members from others?

Our NEXTalent Marketplace is a platform that showcases a range of individuals who possess unique abilities and behavioural traits that lead to outstanding performance in their respective fields. According to statistics, members of our marketplace are expected to be 48% more productive and 25% more profitable than their peers. We cater to everyone from executives to middle managers and staff roles. In addition, we provide mentorship opportunities for emerging stars with high Potential to Succeed scores. All members of our marketplace have undergone a thorough evaluation process to ensure that they have a 75% chance of meeting or exceeding employer expectations, which is significantly higher than the average performing peers.

“Common Attribute of Members is Their Potential to Succeed”

Once the Talent Agency agrees to represent you, our relationship will extend through your career. As you advance, the NEXTalent Knowledge Community becomes your de facto career coach, while the Talent Agency facilitates access to professional services and information as needed. If you require a more formal approach to career development, we match you with a community mentor or executive coach.

Ranked the Highest in the Assessment Industry

Our assessment tool is highly reliable and has been ranked as one of the two most accurately predictive methods in the performance assessment profession. Its reliability is attributed to its comprehensive nature, encompassing 85 statistically distinct behavioral scales and 35 specific career theme scales. These scales are linked to over 2,500 occupational titles and more than 650 career success benchmarks.

Contracting Organizations

Family Office Advisors Fintech / CREtech Developers
Real Estate Owners/Developers Small/Medium Enterprises
Resort/Hotel Developers Investment Managers & Lenders
Real Estate Owner/Developers Property Services
General Contractors REIT’s

Marketplace Member Profile Examples

  • Investment banker / Private equity professional
  • Independent management consultant with a top-tier MBA
  • Development – Front & Back-end Expertise
  • Construction – International Project Directors
  • Building Science & Operations
  • Leasing & Sales Professionals
  • Chief Executive & C-Suite Exec.

Membership Benefits 

  • Mentoring Engagement Facilitation
  • Consultation access to deep sector expertise
  • Webinars – in-depth and tailored understanding of trends & opportunities
  • Onboarding & Executive Coaching
  • Professional Resources – Employment Contract Review
  • Research – access opinions from KnowledgeNET advisors
  • In-Person – face-to-face meetings with industry thought-leaders
  • Market Making Job Hunt Services
  • Corporate Training – Webinar with KnowledgeNET resources
  • Compensation Advice & Survey Information
  • Personal Development Seminars