A Talent Agency That Represents You

“We Understand the Value of Our Community Members”

NEXTalent is a knowledge community and talent agency built around a marketplace of known industry thought leaders, influencers and a proprietary network of professionals and rising young stars with above-average potential. Companies do not own their quality talent. In a post-COVID war for talent, above-average performers are in short supply and can set their price more or less, like a free agent in sports. Members set their own market worth, and the Talent Agency will help you find an employer prepared to meet your terms.

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What Makes NEXTalent Members Different?

They’re simply unique in possessing the majority of behavioural differentiators necessary for high-performance in their chosen profession. Statistically, a member of the NEXTalent Marketplace’s potential to succeed in their role is greater than seventy-five per cent of their peers. We’re so confident in the accuracy of the performance prediction of our candidates that clients who hire non-contract prospects from the platform can withhold our completion fee until they’re equally confident with our forecast.

Common Attribute of Members is Their Potential to Succeed

Our marketplace representation is not limited to executives but includes individuals in middle-management and staff roles. We also offer membership and seek-out mentorship opportunities for rising young stars with a high POS (Potential to Succeed) score. What is common to our marketplace members is that they’ve been assessed for, and are expected to perform in the top quartile of their functional peer group with no more than a 20% probability of failure.

Once the Talent Agency agrees to represent you, our relationship will extend through your career. As you advance, the NEXTalent Knowledge Community becomes your de facto career coach, while the Talent Agency facilitates access to professional services and information as needed. If you require a more formal approach to career development, we match you with a community mentor or executive coach.

Ranked the Highest in the Assessment Industry

The reliability of our methodologies is ranked as one of the two most predictively accurate assessment tools in the performance assessment profession. This reliability is due in part to the depth and breadth of our assessments, including 85 statistically distinct behavioural scales and 35 specific career theme scales —all of which interface with 2,500 occupational titles and 650+ career success benchmarks.

We Can Predict Success With 85% Reliability

High performers in any given function share a subset of 22 to 23 of the 85 statistically distinct behavioural scales we measure. Our membership is empirically compared to 35 specific career theme scales and the career success benchmarks specific to their marketplace registration. For example, a Senior Property Accountant’s POS score might be higher for Corporate Control versus a Divisional Control and have a leadership style incompatible with a large corporation. We would advise the member of this nuance in their make-up and advise both the member client and the hiring client on how to optimise their career development.  As a result, we can predict a person’s potential for success with 85% reliability. Yes, 85%!

Contracting Organizations

Family Office Advisors Fintech / CREtech Developers
Real Estate Owners/Developers Small/Medium Enterprises
Resort/Hotel Developers Investment Managers & Lenders
Real Estate Owner/Developers Property Services
General Contractors REIT’s

Marketplace Member Profile Examples

  • Investment banker / Private equity professional
  • Independent management consultant with a top-tier MBA
  • Development – Front & Back-end Expertise
  • Construction – International Project Directors
  • Building Science & Operations
  • Leasing & Sales Professionals
  • Chief Executive & C-Suite Exec.

Membership Benefits – 

  • Mentoring Engagement Facilitation
  • Consultation access to deep sector expertise
  • Webinars – in-depth and tailored understanding of trends & opportunities
  • Onboarding & Executive Coaching
  • Professional Resources – Employment Contract Review
  • Research – access opinions from KnowledgeNET advisors
  • In-Person – face-to-face meetings with industry thought-leaders
  • Market Making Job Hunt Services
  • Corporate Training – Webinar with KnowledgeNET resources
  • Compensation Advice & Survey Information
  • Personal Development Seminars