Career Advisory Program

Whether you are a teenager seeking a life’s path, or an employed adult approaching a transformative fork along the road, then Rutherford International’s NEXTpath Career Diagnostics program helps you identify options that offer the greatest potential for personal success and fulfilment. Life is a journey, and we consider it a tremendous honour to have a client’s trust when influencing their next path in life.

Corporate Client – Career Advancement or Transition

Employed individuals seek out our career planning services because they are looking to advance their career or seek to transition toward a new future. Regardless of the reason, clients receive a one-on-one career planning consultation. It begins with a Career Diagnostic, followed by a consultive briefing on our findings, identifying your best career options, the recommendation of professional development activities specific to your career options, and the mapping of next steps in your vocational journey.

Twenty-Something Client – Choosing A Path

According to a study at Bringham Young University, twenty per cent of college students experience some form of intellectual self-doubt and even more in the corporate world. Our methods counter this self-sabotage with empirical precision, offering validation for your current path or describing the career options where you will have the highest probability of success.

To know your potential to perform in a particular role relative to high-performers in the same function can be extraordinarily liberating and motivating for a student. Our empiricism maps an accountability path for you to achieve your potential with no excuses!

Knowing Your Potential Can Be Liberating

If you seek more granular career diagnostics, we offer a customised report recommending a personalised career development plan and a detailed review of the default leadership style(s) you use. In addition, we can advise you on what work environment best suits you, if your Adaptability Quotient (AQ) is high, or if your traits and competencies are suitable for hybrid or remote work.

Finally, our complete assessment package pinpoints your personality DNA, details your top twenty careers where you have the highest potential to succeed and provides access to coaches to help you along your career journey.

Employee-in-Transition Benefits

  • Improved alignment between expectations, goals and best career fit
  • Improved foresight in mapping out career & personal transformation
  • The liberation from past doubts often improves career engagement and cultivates a unique sense of fulfilment
  • Leverage behavioural strengths and address career-limiting constraints with a career management plan
  • Qualified registrants have access to the NEXTalent Marketplace Community, job board and coaching program.

Post Matriculation – Launchpad Checklist

  • Best career fit; an in-depth understanding of how your behavioural strengths best align with specific careers
  • Mapping your leadership style(s) and potential for C-Level leadership,
  • Tabulation of behavioural strengths and constraints, with a focus on talents that merit development
  • Match your behavioural profile, best career fit, and post-secondary educational choices to reduce time and costs
  • Provide a consultative engagement with parents as part of the decision and funding process.
  • Suggest resume enhancements based on the insights gained allowing students to present themselves with greater clarity and confidence to the job market.
  • Qualified students receive access to the NEXTalent Marketplace online community, co-op/internship job board and mentor program.

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