A Distributive Approach to Solving Puzzles

Our internal recruitment and CI research team work collaboratively through a cloud server. The days of working from a centralized office on a single floor plate with a nameless workstation is but a quaint anachronism.

Our research department has been designed for adherents to the Gig economy. It’s feasible our data specialists may be home raising a child or lounging on the dock at their favorite lake getaway. Lifestyle matters for the Gig worker, so we’re not surprised if the Skype video portrays them sipping coffee at a café in Paris, sitting in Oxford University’s library or the airport in Beijing.

Location has nothing to do with our internal research team’s success, but rather their excellence is a function of investigative curiosity, a lateral perspective in network analysis, geographical segmentation and a high external awareness for geo-political trends. Members of our research and data analytics team receive in-project fees and completion bonuses.

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