Do our interests mesh?

Rutherford International’s core activity is the connection of people and organizations who ‘have’, with organizations and people who ‘need’. Our interest is real estate and infrastructure development, alternative energy, sustainable environments and emerging technologies. Our focus is the enrichment of the human condition and the creation of wealth through the syndication of talent, the melding of ideas and negotiating common purpose.

We conduct executive search and assess leadership potential. We provide interim executives, specialized consultants and construct project teams. Our expertise encompasses corporate renewal, succession planning and behavioral assessment. We facilitate business start-up’s and incubate young developers through the fostering of funding sources that support alliances, joint-ventures or acquisition.  Our Founder takes a particular interest in helping young people identify their career potential and counseling them to achieved it.

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What you should expect if we represent you.

Regardless of assignment, executive search or a acceptance to our management consulting clearinghouse, you can expect a rigorous assessment of your skills and validation of experience initially. We will require you to complete a behavioral assessment that measures your potential to high-perform relative to established benchmarks.

When feasible in advance of an offer, candidates are thoroughly referenced with former superiors, peers and subordinates to validate behavioral data and accomplishments claimed,