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Rutherford Search Assignments

The ratio of functional high-potential prospects in any function stands at 37:1000. At Rutherford International, executive search is not just a routine task but a customized and serious endeavour. It involves various elements such as intelligence gathering, managing relationships, analyzing behaviour, and utilizing data analytics. Renowned Global 2000 companies regard Rutherford International’s science-based methods for predicting a candidate’s potential as world-class. To complement our extensive data mining, we leverage a vast network of international researchers and referral ambassadors spanning three continents. When we identify exceptionally talented executives, we provide them with a marketmaking program, discreetly promoting them to a targeted list of employers and private equity firms.

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NEXTalent Job Board Methodology

Employers may advertise on NEXTalent’s Job Board or engage our research and behavioural assessment team to manage and curate the results of competing mainstream job boards. Once the ad respondents are tabulated, we apply a machine-learning algorithm to attach a relevancy score based on education, skills and experience. Subject to their relevancy score, candidates are screened via a direct call. Once this hurdle is complete, we follow up with AI-driven behavioural analytics commonly used by the Global 2000 corporations for predicting leadership and career potential.

All candidates submitted to the contracting client through the NEXTalent selection program must have a Potential of Success (POS) benchmark score that places them in the top 35% of their functional cohort. Putting this quality standard into context, individuals who score in the top 13% of their functional cohort meet or exceed clients’ expectations by more than 92%.

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Mentor-On-Demand or Personal Advisory Board

Behind Every Successful Executive is a Mentor/Coach or a Mastermind Network of Advisors. Accelerate your career or company’s growth by being scientifically matched to one of our industry coach/mentors or a team or relevant advisors.

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Your Knowledge Has Value. The Ability to Share it is Even More Valuable

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Independant Consultants-On-Demand

Join the Post-COVID19 trend and become a member of our freelance Corporate Consultants-On-Demand Service

This service caters to both corporations seeking flexible project-based expertise and to a growing cohort of skilled knowledge workers who seek independence and control over their personal and professional lives. The majority of the consulting roster have double degrees and meets a Tier One experiential and performance standard of excellence for corporate consulting.

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