Developing a Hybrid Workforce

In the face of market volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity of a post-pandemic world, leadership agility and employee adaptability have become vital behavioural traits necessary to sustain a Hybrid and Work-From-Home workforce. 

We often read about quotients related to intelligence (IQ) or emotional (EQ); however, only recently since COVID19’s disruption to organisations and supply chains has the idea of adaptability (AQ) received its due.

In organisational terms, the Adaptability Quotient measures a business’ ability to adjust to the marketplace and technological change. The pandemic has tested the AQ of both organisations and individuals regarding product, service, and business strategy in a manner few organisational and behaviourists could anticipate.

Rutherford International’s NEXTpath Career Diagnostic Program possesses research tools to establish a proprietary benchmark for clients seeking to define and index their employee’s Adaptability Quotient. This index enables clients to leverage employees who are most adaptive and develop those who need to strengthen this capacity. Our diagnostic tools are unique in their ability to identify employees and new hires who have the inherent qualities to work remotely or hybrid WFH.

Hybrid Worker Adaptability Quotient Checklist

  • Sustain profits
  • Seek Innovation
  • Embrace Change
  • Thrive In Chaos
  • Focus on Results
  • Drive Achievement

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