Charting Your Career

Unlock your potential for personal success and career satisfaction with NEXTpath Career Centre & Performance Diagnostics! Seize control of your destiny and propel yourself towards excellence. Our cutting-edge analytics provide profound insights into your inherent strengths, empowering us to discover bespoke opportunities that will elevate your life journey. We take immense pride in charting extraordinary possibilities for you.

Career Development Services

Career Development Advisory

Even part-time, every successful executive has a coach. Working professionals turn to our career planning services to propel their careers forward or embark on a new path. Irrespective of the motive, clients receive personalized one-on-one career planning consultations. The process commences with a comprehensive Career Diagnostic, followed by a consultative briefing on our findings. We identify the most suitable career options, recommend targeted professional development activities tailored to your chosen field, and assist in charting the course for your future journey.

Post-Layoff Transition Counselling

During times of unsettling layoffs, NEXTpath offers a vital lifeline to employees. Our comprehensive career support includes access to the NEXTalent Marketplace, a knowledge community designed to empower individuals to turn setbacks into success and achieve their true potential. With performance evaluations, tailored career planning strategies, and regular job coaching sessions, we strive to help individuals reach new heights in their pursuit of fulfilling careers.

Motivating Employees by Liberating Them From Self-Doubt

Rarely do we encounter a top performer who lacks motivation. When we encounter someone not living up to their assessed potential, it often stems from a shortage of self-confidence or self-awareness. Recognizing your capacity for high performance in your chosen career can liberate you from self-sabotage. Fortunately, employers can swiftly guide employees to overcome the shackles of inner doubt and soar to new heights!

Measure Twice, Hire Once

To truly motivate an employee, it is crucial to hire someone who is inherently driven to succeed in their role. It is unfortunate and scientifically unnecessary for individuals to be stuck in jobs they dislike, yet a staggering 73.4% of the workforce find themselves in this situation. Employee development and engagement programs alone cannot alter this statistic for this particular group. By assessing a candidate’s “Potential for Success on the Job” prior to the interview, both the employer and the candidate can work towards their long-term goals. Our services offer the ability to thoroughly evaluate your prospect list with an impressive 85% predictive accuracy, while also providing assessed candidates with career guidance backed by objective empiricism.

Discovering & Charting A Path

Facing uncertainty in career choices or repeatedly changing majors in college can lead to overwhelming self-doubt. However, our approach offers precise empirical methods and a clear path to success for college students. We assist young individuals in mapping out an accountable journey that unveils their career potential compared to industry high-performers in various roles. Not only do we empower students to strive for exceptional outcomes, but our objective career forecasts instill confidence in all family members when making academic decisions.

Knowing Your Potential Can Be Motivating

Are you feeling lost after being laid off? Do you crave a detailed analysis of your ideal career path? Our personalized report offers tailored guidance to help you forge a successful professional trajectory. Additionally, our Distributive Worker assessment suggests the perfect work environment based on your unique traits and competencies. Gain comprehensive insights into your personality, leadership style, effective coping mechanisms, and discover top careers that align perfectly with your potential. Plus, access expert coaches who will mentor you every step of the way on this important journey.

Employee-in-Transition Benefits

  • Improved alignment between expectations, goals and best career fit
  • Improved foresight in mapping out career & personal transformation
  • The liberation from past doubts often improves career engagement and cultivates a unique sense of fulfilment
  • Harness your behavioural strengths and proactively tackle career-limiting constraints through a comprehensive career management plan.
  • Qualified registrants can access the NEXTalent Marketplace Community, the HiP Talent Network and the job coaching program.

Post Matriculation – Launchpad Checklist

  • Best career fit; an in-depth understanding of how your behavioural strengths best align with specific careers
  • Mapping your leadership style(s) and potential for C-Level leadership,
  • Tabulation of behavioural strengths and constraints, with a focus on talents that merit development
  • Match your behavioural profile, best career fit, and post-secondary educational choices to reduce time and costs
  • Provide a consultative engagement with parents as part of the decision and funding process.
  • Suggest resume enhancements based on the insights gained, allowing students to present themselves with greater clarity and confidence to the job market.
  • Qualified students receive access to the NEXTalent Marketplace online community, co-op/internship job board and mentor program.

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