Charting Your Career

Unlock your potential for personal success and career fulfilment with NEXTpath Performance Diagnostics! Seize control of your destiny and propel yourself towards excellence. Our cutting-edge analytics provide profound insights into your strengths, empowering you to discover bespoke opportunities that will enrich your life’s path. We are committed to guiding you in charting out exceptional possibilities for your career and personal aspirations.

Career Development Services

Career Development Advisory

Even accomplished executives, whether working part-time or full-time, can benefit significantly from the guidance of a coach. Our career planning services are meticulously crafted to propel professionals towards their career goals or assist them in exploring new avenues. Clients can anticipate personalised one-on-one consultations dedicated to career planning. The process commences with a comprehensive Career Diagnostic, leading to an in-depth briefing on our insights. We identify the most suitable career opportunities, recommend tailored professional development initiatives in your chosen field, and assist you in charting a course towards your future aspirations.

Post-Layoff Transition Counselling

During turbulent layoff periods, NEXTpath provides a crucial support system for employees. Our holistic career assistance encompasses the NEXTalent Marketplace, fostering a community that equips individuals to transform challenges into triumphs and realise their full capabilities. Through performance assessments, personalised career blueprints, and consistent career coaching, we aim to guide individuals towards greater success in their professional endeavours.

Motivating Employees by Liberating Them From Self-Doubt

Seldom do we come across a high achiever without motivation. When we see someone falling short of their potential, it’s often due to a lack of self-belief or self-awareness. Acknowledging your ability for outstanding performance in your field can free you from self-destructive patterns. Thankfully, employers can effectively help staff break free from inner insecurities and reach greater accomplishments!

Measure Twice, Hire Once

To truly inspire an employee, it’s vital to recruit someone naturally motivated to excel in their role. It’s unfortunate and scientifically unnecessary for individuals to remain in jobs they dislike, yet a staggering 74.3% of the workforce find themselves in this predicament. Solely relying on employee development and engagement programmes won’t shift this statistic for this specific group. By evaluating a candidate’s “Potential for Success in the Role” before the interview, both the employer and candidate can align towards their long-term objectives. Our services offer thorough evaluation of your candidate pool with an impressive 85% accuracy in predictions, coupled with career guidance based on objective empiricism for assessed candidates.

Discovering & Charting A Path

Navigating career uncertainties or frequently changing majors in college can sow seeds of self-doubt. Our approach provides precise empirical methods and a clear trajectory to success for college students. We guide young individuals in charting a purposeful path that reveals their career potential in comparison to high-performing professionals across various fields. By empowering students to strive for exceptional results, our objective career projections foster confidence among all family members when making educational choices.

Knowing Your Potential Can Be Motivating

Feeling adrift post-layoff? Craving a deep dive into your ideal career path? Our bespoke report provides tailored direction to steer you towards professional success. Moreover, our Co-located/Remote assessment will recommends an ideal work environment based on your unique traits and skills. Uncover in-depth insights into your personality, leadership style, coping strategies, and explore top career options that resonate with your potential. Benefit from the guidance of seasoned coaches who will support you every step of the way on this transformative journey.

Employee-in-Transition Benefits

  • Enhanced alignment among expectations, goals, and optimal career fit.
  • Enhanced foresight for planning career and personal growth.
  • Overcoming past doubts can boost career engagement and nurture a profound sense of satisfaction.
  • Leverage your behavioural strengths to address career obstacles proactively with a comprehensive career management strategy.
  • Join the NEXTalent Community to tap into a wealth of shared wisdom and coaching.
  • Qualified participants can access the undisclosed job market, increasing their chances of being actively recruited by employers through the TalentNET programme.

Post Matriculation – Launchpad Checklist

  • Discover your ideal career path by understanding how your behavioural strengths align with various professions.
  • Identify your leadership style and potential for executive roles.
  • Evaluate your strengths, focus on developing talents, and align your career goals with educational choices to save time and money. Involve parents in decision-making.
  • Receive guidance on enhancing your resume for a confident job search.
  • Access the NEXTalent Marketplace, co-op opportunities, and mentorship for qualified students and military veterans.
  • Join the TalentNET program for exclusive employer co-op and mentorship opportunities.

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