A Sampling of Our Consulting Services

Corporate Renewal: The corporate renewal team consists of interim executives, experienced management consultants, business intelligence researchers and sales coaches. This networked group provides clients with corporate, market and competitive intelligence, new venture structuring and sales renewal/coaching.

The Chief Restructuring (CRO) and Turnaround (CTO) Officers within this group, all have a history for responsibly steering clients through operational restructurings and/or financial workouts throughout North America. Read More

Market / Competitive Intel: By targeting your named competitors, our research team can map their organizational structure and deployment of key human resources. Read More

Mapping Institutional Knowledge: Mapping the shadow nodes of influence within a corporate organization can uncover the real sources of power and institutional knowledge. Read More

Start-up Venture Structuring: We align highly competent yet undiscovered entrepreneurs seeking financial and operational support with capital pools and external advisers. Read More

Sales Renewal: We apply science-based hiring in our due-diligence to identify high performing sales professionals that can energize leasing, sales and marketing programs. Read More

The Consulting Clearinghouse

Professionals in our Consulting Clearinghouse have specialized skills and experience in M&A, management consulting, investing, corporate strategy, performance improvement and turnaround management. All consultants have been thoroughly vetted and are available on a project or interim contracted basis through Rutherford International. They have had prior experience in the corporate office, tier one management consultancies’, investment banking and private equity firms. They offer support services in financial modelling, business plan development, due-diligence/M&A support, industry research, marketing plans, roadshow & presentation material coordination and accounting.

Our performance improvement and turnaround team members are experienced operators and industry veterans capable of decisive action to transform organizations and help their clients turn change into a strategic business asset, manage risk and unlock value.

Membership in the Clearinghouse

To become a member of the Clearinghouse, you agree to undergo a rigorous vetting of your education, work experience and behavioural profile. The majority of our management consultants seek flex-work consulting contracts however, it’s not uncommon for clients to convert the contract to full-time employment.

Our “restructuring/turnaround” and “financial workout” experts generally contract for longer terms. What is common to all members of the clearinghouse is their capability to adapt to a variety of business environments. Each Consultant must have excellent operational expertise and a highly developed skill at managing a diversity of internal and external agendas.
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