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About NEXTalent – A Marketplace for Top Talent

Similar to a sports management agency, NEXTalent Inc. is a talent marketplace for top prospects and high-performing professionals active in international real estate investment, development, project management, construction and operations who know their value.

Members Set Their Market Value

NEXTalent’s marketplace members set their market value. Regardless of functional role, staff, management or executive; marketplace members are expected to perform in the top quartile of their functional peer group with no more than a 20% probability of failure. Historically, individuals hired through our assessment methods are 55% more productive and 25% more profitable on a per headcount basis. There is a reason they’re in the top compensation quartile.

What Makes NEXTalent Members Different?

Recommendation for membership in the Talent Marketplace is through Rutherford International’s formal referral network of thought leaders and industry professionals. We assess recommended prospects for their potential to hight perform. Our methods are highly granular. Along with skills and experience, we map each member’s critical behavioural differentiators in determining their performance potential.

We can Predict Success with 85% Reliability.

High performers in any given function share a common subset of behaviours. Our membership assessment compares each personal profile with those from “high performing” individuals in the same role. As a result, we can predict a person’s potential for success with 85% reliability. Yes, 85%!

Ranked the Highest in the Assessment Industry

The reliability of our methods is ranked the highest in the assessment industry —at level C1— by the American Psychological Association, for its accuracy. This reliability is due in part to the depth and breadth of our assessments, including 85 statistically distinct behavioural scales and 35 specific career theme scales —all of which interface with 2,500 occupational titles and 500+ career success benchmarks.

Business Benefits
  • Avoid the cost of a bad hire
  • Mitigates imposter syndrome
  • Minimize high-risk selection, development, promotion and training investments decisions for executive, management and other vital organizational roles
  • Differentiate Strategic Leadership from Operational Management
  • Slash onboarding costs with targeted development/coaching
  • Increase retention due to better-fit hiring and promotion
  • Differentiate high potentials from high performers
  • Increase bench strength and targeted for accelerated leadership programs
  • Increase engagement due to people operating in their strengths
  • Transformative workforce hiring as our members represent every functional level
  • NEXTalent’s retention warranties exceed industry standards


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