Our Network of Recruitment & Researchers

Our distributed research and referral networks offer clients a balanced global perspective and search presence with in-depth local knowledge and focus. Researchers are generally data science experts with the ability to conduct market intelligence and sector analysis across the horizontal of ‘like’ businesses or ‘vertically’ within an industry sector. Dependent upon the Analyst’s personality, they may operate collaboratively across global markets or apply their skills to special stand-alone projects.

Research Network Membership

Research and Recruitment has moved from a centralized office on a single floor plate with a nameless workstation to the lounge chair on a dock by your favourite lake in Vermont, a café in Paris, Oxford University’s library or a condo in Beijing.

We’ve designed the company around lifestyle mobility. The location of our Associates has nothing to do with success in this role. Excellence in research and recruitment is a function of investigative curiosity, a lateral perspective in network analysis, geographical segmentation and having a high external awareness for economic trends. Members of our research and referral network receive project fees and referral bonuses.

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