Our Network of Recruitment & Researchers

Our comprehensive approach to social network analysis and referral networks enable customers to access a global and local perspective in their searches. Our team of expert data scientists and research analysts possess a deep understanding of market intelligence, social network analysis, and industry sectors. They are capable of collaborating on projects worldwide or undertaking individual special projects. Leveraging our extensive distributed research referral networks, we deliver exceptional intelligence with a profound grasp of diverse markets.

Research Network Membership

Our company has been designed to prioritize lifestyle mobility, which makes research and recruitment easier than ever before. We believe that excellence is not determined by location, but rather by the combination of external awareness, lateral perspective, and sharp intelligence demonstrated by our research analysts. We understand that social intelligence means more than just being present in an office. Our Research Associates have the flexibility to work from anywhere, whether it’s a lounge chair on a dock in Vermont or a cafĂ© in Paris. This allows them to conduct social network analyses that reach the highest levels of investigative curiosity and geographical segmentation.

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