NEXTalent Marketplace

A Knowledge Community

“Promoting Collaboration & Personal Development”

The NEXTalent Marketplace unites thought leaders, influencers, subject-matter experts, professionals, and aspiring young talent. It acts as a hub for career advancement, fostering knowledge exchange, cooperation, and impactful business interactions within its community. Through engaging with kindred spirits, members establish enduring personal and professional bonds that we anticipate will profoundly influence their lives.

Community Benefits

“Connecting High-Performers”

Our Talent Agent services are designed to provide exclusive benefits to members of the TalentNET platform on Marketplace. Our aim is to connect talented individuals with corporate members across the network by investing our time and resources. In order to ensure the best representation, we meticulously assess the potential of members for the Talent Agency and only select those who rank in the top quartile of their functional peer group.

Employer Benefits

“Science-Driven Performance Analysis”

Corporate members have the ability to reach out to anonymous TalentNET members through chat requests and include them in talent pipelines for future consideration. Our comprehensive Talent Agency programme includes referral networks and expert-led skills screening, giving employers the NEXTalent advantage. Our process utilises advanced AI-driven behavioural analysis, ensuring that we offer high-calibre applicants. Logical models indicate that these candidates could be 48% more productive and 25% more profitable. Results show that over half of our hires get promoted within 18 months.

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“Our Prospects are 48% More Productive & 25% More Profitable”


Seeking talent through job boards is like sifting through a haystack. In fact, some job boards use the metaphor of finding a needle in a haystack as their value proposition. Counterintuitively, this is an admission that their talent pool is more than seventy-five percent sub-par or average in their performance. Which, statistically, and depending upon the time of year, is likely a conservative estimate.

At the risk of appropriating the haystack metaphor, the NEXTalent TalentNET platform only represents a haystack of needles. We pre-screen respondents for you, ensuring you only meet prospects with high-performance potential. Even if you are are seeking an intern or an inexperienced recent grad – our 85 per cent accuracy rate in predicting future success quickly verifies who has what it takes!

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Contracting Organizations

Venture Capital & Angel Investors Fintech / CREtech Developers
Real Estate Owners/Developers/REITs Professional Firms (Law/Finance)
Resort/Hotel Developers Investment Bankers & Lenders
Public & Private Equity Funds Property Services
Construction & Consulting Engineers Enterprise Sales Organizations

Typical Marketplace Registrants

  • Investment Banker & Private Equity Professional
  • Independent Management Consultant with a Top-Tier MBA
  • Development – Front & Back-Ended Expertise
  • Construction – Placemaking Project Directors
  • Building Science & Operations
  • Leasing & Sales Professionals
  • Chief Executive & C-Suite Exec.
  • Legal Profession / In-House Counsel
  • Academics / Professional Property Services
  • High Potential MRE =>75% Benchmark for Real Estate-CEO

Benefits We Offer Registrants

  • Matching to Industry Mentors & Executive Coach 
  • Podcasts – Trends & Opportunities
  • Onboarding Coaching
  • Professional Resources – Employment Contract Review
  • Market-Making Job Placement Services
  • Compensation Advice
  • Personal Career and Leadership Development
  • Exclusive NEXTalent Job Board
  • Facilitating Introductions / Matching Interests
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Leadership Coaching & Gap Analysis
  • Start-Up Developer Alliance with Advisory Board & Pitchroom Support

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