NEXTalent Marketplace

“A Talent Community That Breaks With Tradition”

NEXTalent is a knowledge community and talent agency built around a growing marketplace of known industry thought leaders, influencers and a proprietary network of professionals and rising young stars with above-average potential.

Knowledge Community

“Exclusive Community That Promotes International Contacts”

The Marketplace is an exclusive community that crowd-sources knowledge between like-minded members in a manner that will have a lasting impact on their personal and professional lives. Current community members represent high-potential professionals in fund & asset management, capital markets, law, development, acquisition, project management, construction, accounting, sales and operations. Members interact with international colleagues to expand their knowledge, find job or contract opportunities, join Advisory Boards, and for those active in our Developer Alliance, promote projects to debt and equity firms inside ‘dragon formatted’ encrypted pitch rooms.

Talent Agency

“Connecting High-Performers”

We understand the competitive value of talented people and spend considerable time identifying, engaging and connecting high-calibre individuals to corporations in all parts of the world.

Members seeking contract and career opportunities through our Talent Agent services are scientifically assessed for their potential to perform at or above the 75th percentile of their respective functional peer groups. Confidence in our community members’ calibre allows us to direct them to project and employment opportunities through market-making activities and an exclusive job board.

Once we agree to represent a community member through the Agency, our relationship will extend through their career. As they advance, the community becomes their de facto career coach, while the Agency facilitates, as needed, access to professional services and information.

Exclusive E-Recruiting

“Science-Driven Performance Analysis”

NEXTalent’s E-Recruiting service specializes in attracting business leaders and skilled candidates with high-performance potential. Whether assessed for leadership agility or functional proficiency, we are very confident of a NEXTalent candidate’s statistical probability to perform. Even if the prospect is a recent graduate without relevant experience, we can predict with 85 per cent accuracy, their potential to succeed in the role under consideration and any future succession role.

The job board is the first phase in an extensive talent acquisition program to uncover optimum candidates. The Talent Agency program includes referral networks and industry experts hired to assess skills combined with sophisticated AI-driven behavioural analysis that our curators use to ensure employers receive an exemplary candidate shortlist.

We Cut the Noise—only candidates eligible to join the NEXTalent Marketplace can pursue positions posted through the Talent Agency or our E-Recruiting platform.

“Our Prospects are 55% More Productive and 25% More Profitable”

All candidates submitted to employers through the NEXTalent’s E-Recruiting platform benchmark for potential performance at or above the 75th Percentile of their peer group. Typically, employers can expect prospects hired through our assessment process to achieve 55% higher levels of productivity and 25% greater profitability than employees in similar roles.

We are so confident in the performance potential of our candidates that we will, subject to the assignment mandate, leave up to fifty per cent of our fee on the table until our client is equally confident.

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Contracting Organizations

Venture Capital & Angel Investors Fintech / CREtech Developers
Real Estate Owners/Developers/REITs Professional Firms (Law/Finance)
Resort/Hotel Developers Investment Bankers & Lenders
Public & Private Equity Funds Property Services
Construction & Consulting Engineers Enterprise Sales Organizations

Typical Marketplace Registrants

  • Investment Banker & Private Equity Professional
  • Independent Management Consultant with a Top-Tier MBA
  • Development – Front & Back-end Expertise
  • Construction – International Project Directors
  • Building Science & Operations
  • Leasing & Sales Professionals
  • Chief Executive & C-Suite Exec.
  • Legal Profession / In-House Counsel
  • Academics / Professional Property Services
  • High Potential MRED =>75% Benchmark for Real Estate-CEO

Benefits We Offer Registrants

  • Matching to Industry Mentors & Executive Coach¬†
  • Podcasts – Trends & Opportunities
  • Onboarding Coaching
  • Professional Resources – Employment Contract Review
  • Market-Making Job Placement Services
  • Compensation Advice
  • Personal Career and Leadership Development
  • Exclusive NEXTalent Job Board
  • Facilitating Introductions / Matching Interests
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Start-Up Developer Alliance with Advisory Board & Pitchroom Support

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