Our Executive Search Scope

Our approach to executive search focuses on gathering intelligence, managing relationships, and utilizing science-based methods to analyze leadership and management behaviour. These proven techniques enable us to accurately predict high-performance capabilities within Global 2000 firms.

Our strategy for identifying and attracting top-tier industry professionals on a global scale is comprehensive and robust. We foster a community of knowledgeable thought leaders and enhance it with an extensive international network of researchers and referral ambassadors spanning three continents.

Our meticulous selection process ensures that we carefully choose the finest talent, selecting only individuals of the highest calibre for your most critical positions. Whether you are in need of an accomplished C-Suite executive or a dynamic Project Executive who leaves a lasting impact, our extensive network of experienced professionals is tailored to meet your unique requirements. We welcome challenges of all sizes, although it’s important to note that our minimum executive search fee is $75,000 USD. If you require Private Equity & Partnership Search services, rest assured that our specialist team is fully equipped to handle your needs with the utmost proficiency.

Specialized Search

  • Owner/Developer C-Suite / Place-Making Project Directors, Read More
  • Turnaround Executives (CTO & CRO), Read More
  • M&A and Partnership Search, Read More
  • Private/Public Fund Managers, Read More

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