Building Community Thru Research

Rutherford International is dedicated to developing a decentralized research and recruitment network that combines corporate intelligence analysts, data miners, digital community strategists, and talent acquisition specialists. Our connected members come from diverse backgrounds and span the globe in locations like North America, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Middle East & North Africa (MENA), and East Asia. They collaborate from afar on projects that mutually benefit their professional development through an advantageous gain-share system administered by the project lead facilitators. This innovative approach creates meaningful connections that bring out growth opportunities for ambitious professionals with shared interests.

Business Intel via Social Network Analysis

Social network analysis (SNA) revolutionizes intelligence gathering, allowing research analysts to identify meaningful social networks and relationships. Our team utilizes this cutting-edge analytic method in three distinct areas: Internal, External and Affinity Network Development. SNA allows our analysts to identify individuals of interest, understand the dynamics of their social networks, and derive insights that can better inform our understanding of social relationships within these networks. This ability provides far greater insight into social context and correlation than other analytic methods—making it an invaluable tool in today’s intelligence-gathering operations.

Research Depth

  • The most obvious use is the identification of the key actors and entities within a corporate or industry network,
  • Apply the theory of centrality in building a strategic referral network of industry professionals that’s based on their relative importance as a node of influence within a network,
  • Build proprietary affinity networks of interest by examining digital breadcrumbs left behind in social media activity.

Multiple Degrees of Influence

Our strategy for attracting industry professionals worldwide is to maintain a collaborative knowledge network that caters to individuals with similar professional interests. Multiple degrees of influence are far superior to three degrees of separation. Professionals in our private referral network are considerable:

  • Commercial & Retail Real Estate (170,000)
  • Planned Lifestyle & Resort Communities (56,600)
  • P3, Airports, Infrastructure & Civil Construction (98,200)
  • Investment Advisory & Institutional Fund Management (88,550)
  • Private Equity Investment (34,850)
  • Life Sciences & Bio/Nanotech (23,750)
  • Nuclear, Cleantech & Sustainable Technologies (51,700)
  • International Trade & Logistics (57,750)
  • Business Continuity & Corporate Security (12,396)
  • Retailers (100,000)
  • Integrated FM & Corporate Real Estate (33,739)