Building Community Thru Research

Rutherford International hosts a decentralized knowledge and referral network that brings together experts, analysts, data miners, strategists, and talent acquisition specialists. Our global community spans across North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, India, MENA, and Asia. Through collaboration on projects, we promote mutual professional growth and offer participation in a financially rewarding gain-sharing program. Our distributive community structure cultivates meaningful interactions and abundant growth opportunities for ambitious professionals. Join us and make a positive impact on your career!

Market Intelligence of Unmatched Quality

Our team uses Social Network Analysis (SNA) to gather intelligence and analyze social networks and relationships. SNA is a cutting-edge analytic method that we employ in three areas: Internal, External, and Affinity Network Development. With the help of SNA, our analysts can identify individuals of interest, understand the dynamics of their social networks, and draw insights that improve our understanding of their social relationships within these networks. This approach is far more effective in identifying social context and correlation than other analytic methods, making it a valuable tool for targeting expertise.

Multiple Degrees of Influence

We attract global industry professionals through a collaborative knowledge network for people with shared interests. Our approach prioritizes multiple degrees of influence over three degrees of separation. Our research team has access to experts in various fields.

  • Commercial & Retail Real Estate (170,000)
  • High Rise Development & Construction (561,000)
  • Planned Lifestyle & Resort Communities (56,600)
  • P3, Airports, Infrastructure & Civil Construction (98,200)
  • Investment Advisory & Institutional Fund Management (88,550)
  • Private Equity Investment (34,850)
  • Life Sciences & Bio/Nanotech (23,750)
  • Nuclear, Cleantech & Sustainable Technologies (51,700)
  • International Trade & Logistics (57,750)
  • Business Continuity, Cyber & Corporate Security (12,396)
  • Retailers (100,000)
  • Integrated FM & Corporate Real Estate (33,739)
  • Generative AI, Artificial Neural Networks, IVR & NLP (2,500)
  • Manufacturing (Kaizen) (840,000)
  • Hard Rock Mining (TBD)
  • Oil & Gas Exploration (TBD)