Rutherford International unlocks hidden value by introducing companies to exceptionally talented individuals with unique abilities, empowering businesses to grow and succeed through executive drive, management efficiency and project leadership.

Bus Intel & Influencer Network Analytics

We apply social network analytics in three critical areas of our practice: Internal, External and Affinity Network Development. Our strategy for attracting industry professionals worldwide is to maintain a collaborative knowledge network that caters to individuals with similar professional interests. Read More

Executive & Senior Project Search

The core of our search practice is executive and senior project executive search focusing specifically on assignments that have a place-making impact on the client and its stakeholders. Talent is your profit lever, and we understand what to look for in talent that can drive market expansion, stabilize an asset or reposition through strategic alliance or co-venture partnerships. Read More

Management Consultants On-Demand

Our roster of independent management consultants has specialized skills and experience in M&A, management consulting, investment, capital markets, and corporate strategy. Available for hourly fees or indeterminate contract periods, Consultants-On-Demand provides support services in financial modelling, business plan development, due diligence/M&A support, industry research, marketing plans, roadshow & presentation material coordination and accounting. Read More

Talent Marketplace

Our Talent Marketplace is the elite hub for individuals with outsized potential. Our performance benchmarks offer employers an 85% predictive accuracy rate so that employers know they’re bringing on top talent. Better yet? Qualified registrants in the Marketplace have exclusive access to our professional resources and coaches network – spearheading their career path toward opportunities in the hidden job market via our Talent Agency & Career Site! Read More

Mentors & Coaches On-Call

Designed to support employee development programs, our KnowledgeNET is a learning management platform which connects clients’ critical employees to semi-retired subject-matter experts and qualified mentors/coaches. The KnowledgeNET service enables the sharing of operational knowledge. Our professionals can counsel instantly for an hour, a day or more in a secure video conferencing format. The platform effectively supports internal career development programs sponsored by a client’s Human Resources Department. Read More

Career Development & Transition Counselling

We empower employers to amplify the success of their employee development programs and aid laid-off employees with carefully crafted plans for career advancement. Our one-on-one consultations bolster our clients’ professional pursuits; it starts with an in-depth Career Diagnostic, followed by expert advice on viable future options tailored to individual needs. There’s no challenge too intimidating – if you’re job hunting, we actively provide coaching and guidance every step of the way! Unlock your potential today: let us map out a life journey that will have everyone impressed! Read More