Rutherford International’s performance analytics, whether applied internally or externally, unveil hidden potential in businesses by linking high-calibre individuals with exceptional skills. Their executive acumen, managerial prowess, and project leadership not only drive companies forward but also enable them to flourish and attain personal success.

Bus Intel & Influencer Network Analytics

We harness the power of social network analytics in three critical domains: Internal, External, and Affinity Networks. Our aim is to attract industry professionals worldwide by fostering collaborative communities that caters to individuals with shared professional interests. This strategic approach allows us to cultivate a dynamic and interconnected community, ensuring its continuous growth and vitality. Read More

Executive & Senior Project Search

Our search practice focuses on executive and senior project executive search, with a strong emphasis on assignments that have a significant impact on our clients and their civic stakeholders. Talent is the driving force behind profitability, and we have the expertise to identify individuals who can facilitate market expansion, asset stabilization, and strategic repositioning through alliances or co-venture partnerships. Read More

Management Consultants On-Demand

Our team of highly skilled and experienced management consultants offer flexible hourly rates and customizable contract durations to provide comprehensive support services including financial modelling, business plan development, due diligence/M&A support, industry research, marketing plans, coordination of roadshows and presentations, and accounting. Read More

NEXTalent Marketplace

The NEXTalent Marketplace, is a premier destination for individuals with extraordinary potential. Our performance benchmarks boast an impressive 85% predictive accuracy rate, giving employers the confidence of hiring top-tier talent. But that’s not all – qualified registrants in the Marketplace gain exclusive access to our extensive network of professional resources and coaches, propelling their career path towards hidden job market opportunities through our Talent Agency & TalentNET platform. Employers have the ability to proactively search abstract profiles in our TalentNET platform and engage with registrants through live chat, all via subscription. Join us today and unlock a world of endless possibilities. Read More

Mentors & Coaches On-Call

Our KnowledgeNET is a powerful learning management platform that empowers employee development programs. It connects critical employees with experienced subject-matter experts and qualified mentors/coaches, facilitating the sharing of operational knowledge. Through secure video conferencing, our professionals provide instant counsel, whether it’s for an hour, a day, or more. This platform seamlessly supports internal career development programs sponsored by our clients’ Human Resources Department. Read More

Career Development & Transition Counselling

We empower employers to boost the success of their employee development programs and assist laid-off staff with thoughtfully crafted plans for career progression. Through our personalised one-to-one consultations, we bolster our clients’ professional endeavours. It all commences with a comprehensive Career Diagnostic, succeeded by expert advice on viable future paths tailored to individual requirements. If you’re seeking new employment, and meet our standard, we will actively provide coaching and support at every turn! Unleash your full potential today: allow us to help you map out a life journey that will make a lasting impact on all! Read More