Building a PCN – Social Network Experiment

Rutherford International is determined to develop a private communications network (PCN) by 2024 to bring ReferralNET Ambassadors, KnowledgeNET advisors, and Talent Marketplace members into a hub of interconnected think tanks. We aim to create a collaborative learning community that leverages multiple channels to crowd-source knowledge.

We strongly encourage professional service firms and suppliers in investment, real property, civil infrastructure, corporate services, smart-grid sustainable energy, and construction to contact us about sponsoring digital conferences and informative webinars. The PCN is an opportunity to showcase your expertise and gain access to a broader audience. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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Thought Leadership & Trend Watching

Constructive Thinking is an insightful newsletter that aims to provide valuable information to its readers. Written by an executive headhunter, it presents a blend of thought-provoking articles and engaging video content. The content is carefully curated and directs readers to relevant academic research, market overviews, and interviews with thought leaders.

The newsletter also has a talent management section that showcases career opportunities and high-potential individuals through our NEXTalent division. Constructive Thinking is distributed directly through email and LinkedIn. If you are a member of LinkedIn, you can subscribe to the newsletter there and stay informed about the latest trends and opportunities in your field.

Research  – High-Performance Benchmarks

Rutherford International’s NEXTpath Career Diagnostic division utilises performance metrics for over 2,500 positions, encompassing all C-Suite roles. Catering to our real estate and capital market clients, we provide performance analytics for positions such as CEO—Real Estate Developer, Top Equities Investment Exec., VP Development (Large format retail), and VP Retail Leasing (Enclosed & Open Mall).

How reliable are our performance benchmarks?

Our performance analysis applies synthetic validity, allowing us to forecast an individual’s potential for high performance with 85% accuracy, assuming the appropriate education and experience. The talent we recommend to our clients ranks in the top percentile of their peer group. Statistically, they consistently meet or surpass employer expectations 75% of the time, displaying productivity 48% above the mean and 25% increased profitability.

We support research to benchmark behavioural attributes common among international high performers in commercial and corporate real estate. Our current study focuses on roles including Broker Investment, Broker Commercial Leasing, Broker Retail Leasing, Broker Industrial, Corporate Real Estate—top Executive, Integrated Facility Management Services—top Account Lead, Pension Fund—RE Portfolio Manager, REIT—top Acquisition Executive, Equity Fund—top Asset Manager (Real Estate).

Feel free to contact us to discover how you compare to your peers or to participate in our ongoing research.