A Professional Learning Network

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced companies to reimagine the distributive employee as core to their workforce business model. Whether full-time or part-time, the opportunity to work distributively (Hybrid/WFH/Remote) is now a private sector employee expectation; an expectation to be codified into the employment agreement.

Regardless of corporate size, it’s become hard to exploit the valuable knowledge in the heads of a shrinking cohort of managers and professionals, particularly if scattered in different locations working remote or hybrid. Work-from-Home has caused employers to reimagine ways to improve productivity and foster a learning environment by resourcing their offsite workers with just-in-time access to operational and technical advice

KnowledgeNET seeks to establish internal and external professional learning networks (PLN) where distinctive knowledge has monetary or recognition value. It’s designed to support key hybrid and remote employees with just-in-time access to internal and external subject matter experts willing to offer advice based on observation and learned experience. We believe this service will lead to staff retention, increased productivity and a competitive edge for acquiring high-performing hybrid and remote workers.

 In truth, the actual value of knowledge comes less from managing it and more from creating and exchanging it. Companies and individuals may have equal talent and access to public knowledge, but it’s incredibly advantageous when offered from a unique understanding. External markets will form only around items valuable enough to justify the time and effort of buyers and sellers. This product is often centred around the intangibility of practical knowledge gained from experience and personal thinking.

How it Works

There is no equivalent for the valuable proprietary knowledge lodged with a company’s frontline employees, however, it is not always available. Participants in the learning networks recognize the importance of on-call utility when augmenting a company’s decision-making. Our KnowledgeNET Curators recognize that the price, time and effort must be lower with the quality of advice greater than the cost of gathering the information and/or experiential knowledge from inside a client’s own network.

Clients Choose Their KnowledgeNET

Your interface with our KnowledgeNET Curator is straightforward, you tell us what you’re seeking to learn, the scope of information expected, the preferred interaction and the timeframe required. We identify the relevant expertise through our in-house networks or conduct an external search for the most knowledgeable source. The Curator presents you with a shortlist of Advisors, a profile of their expertise and their billing rate. You select your preferred Advisor and our team looks after the logistics including the billing.

Contracting Organizations

Pension & Private Equity Funds Structured Finance/Debt Lenders
Boutique Consulting Firms Small/Medium Enterprises
Development Funds Investment Fund Advisory
Real Estate Owner/Developers Property Services

KnowledgeNET Advisor Profile Examples

  • Retired CRE Professional – Finance / Development / Leasing / Operations
  • Investment banker / Private equity professional
  • Independent management consultant with a top-tier MBA
  • Experienced investment management professional
  • Leadership Assessment & Coach
  • Certified Turnaround Officer (CTO)
  • Chief Revenue & Chief Marketing professionals
  • Industry Veterans Known for deep sector expertise & leadership

Typical Knowledge Sharing Contracts

  • Mentoring Engagement – Counsel with a non-conflicted veteran
  • Consultation to access deep sector or systems expertise
  • Webinars – in-depth and tailored understanding of trends & opportunities
  • Back-Channel Evaluation of Industry System, Service or Product
  • Research – access opinions from external program advisors
  • In-Person – face-to-face meetings with industry thought-leaders
  • Speakers Bureau – locate subject matter panellists for corporate events
  • Corporate Training – trainers for corporate leadership off-sites

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