A Service Catering to the Gig Economy

The platform offers a cutting-edge employment solution for individuals embracing the growing Gig Economy. With 80% of engagements being fulfilled remotely, there’s no need for onsite space. Professional fees are charged in USD. Experience the future of work with us.


The consultants available in this service must qualify for and register their profile on our HiP (High Potential) Talent Network. Qualification means they have been carefully selected based on their skills, experience and potential for high-performance in both their specialization and management consulting role. The majority of these consultants have prior work experience in a corporate office, a top-tier management consultancy, an investment bank, investment fund, or pension fund. They offer support services such as private equity portfolio oversight, financial modeling, business plan development, due-diligence/M&A support, industry research, marketing plans, coordination of roadshows and presentation materials, as well as accounting.

Client’s Post Their RFI/RFP For Free

By default, consultants on our NEXTalent Marketplace Job Board have access to a client’s RFI/RFP, unless specified otherwise. Clients seeking a management consultant can choose to source prospects through our HiP Talent Network or opt for Rutherford International to independently evaluate potential recipients based on scope, experience, and logistical requirements for effective contract fulfillment. Subsequently, the RFI/RFP is forwarded to a short-list of qualifying consultants. The contracting consultant incurs a network fee, while we do not charge a percentage of the contract value.

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