A Service Catering to the Gig Economy

The platform is an innovative employment alternative for adherents to the expanding cohort of Gig Economy workers. Eighty percent of the engagements can be fulfilled remotely and don’t require onsite space requirements. Professional fees are charged in $USD.


The independent consultants in this service have been vetted for their skills, experience and potential for high-perform in both their specialization and management consulting role. The majority of consultants have had prior experience in a corporate office, a tier-one management consultancy, an investment bank, investment fund or REOC. They provide support services in financial modelling, business plan development, due-diligence/M&A support, industry research, marketing plans, roadshow & presentation material coordination and accounting.

Client’s Post Their RFI/RFP For Free

Unless otherwise instructed, a client’s RFI/RFP is not posted to our full roster of management consultants. Rutherford International evaluates the potential recipients based on scope, experience and logistics required to fulfil the contract effectively and then forwards the RFI/RFP to a short-list of qualifying consultants. A referral fee based on the value of the contract is paid by the contracting consultant.

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