Relevant Use Case for Comprehensive Assessment

Rutherford International’s NEXTpath’s Performance Assessment System can precisely determine if an employee has the attributes to be effective in a hybrid or remote work environment. Up-to-date clinical modelling and precise interviewing techniques make up the integral part of the assessment, allowing us to identify above-average potential and foresee possible pitfalls. Our assessment process is also beneficial for diagnosing and mitigating performance issues that may arise, allowing us to recommend the makeup of a committed hybrid/remote team with minimal problems. Not only this, but conducting regular performance audits also will enable us to guarantee stability within your hybrid/remote workforce. The hybrid/remote workers we highlight are more productive and profitable than employees in the same position, thanks to efficient assessment and meaningful performance audits.

Identifying Highly Motivated Prospects

Consider the potential surge in your department’s productivity by recruiting intrinsically motivated high performers.

Rutherford International’s NEXTpath Performance Assessment System offers refined tools for evaluating remote workers with confidence. It enables companies to pinpoint high-performing individuals and comprehend the psychological aspects of effective performance. Our sophisticated assessment covers over 2,500 functions and 12 core personality types, empowering employers to conduct self-assessments and audits. This distinctive approach ensures that employers of remote workers gain access to genuinely dedicated candidates. We delve beneath the surface to uncover the true motivations driving a job seeker’s application.

Emerging Organizational Realities Demand Agile Leadership

The concept of remote work presents an unprecedented dilemma for businesses. Despite having hybrid and remote workers, every company needs to maintain a high standard for employee performance. At Rutherford International’s NEXTpath Career Diagnostics Service, we understand this need and are now helping organizations strategically assess employees’ potential and progress. With a high predictive accuracy rate, our analysis can map employees’ existing and future succession roles. We use hybrid and remote worker assessments to go beyond the traditional idea of average performance – we help create a more holistic plan with specific targets to ensure each employee meets above-average standards in their category. Such thorough remote worker performance audits have become integral to corporate success; they enable managers to adjust their leadership style to commit to the collective goals that align with organizational objectives.