Relevant Use Case for Comprehensive Assessment

Our underlying theory, clinical modelling and assessment process can be used to effectively structure interviews and observe behaviour in order to predict under what circumstances people will perform well, or, what is likely to cause performance errors. The assessment can also be used when performance problems are occurring and diagnose causes and possible remedies.

Identifying Highly Motivated Prospects

Our methods reliably assess a prospect’s internal motivation to function at an elite level of performance in over 650 specific functions and 6 career themes spanning all levels of the corporate and social hierarchy.

Imagine what your department’s productivity level could be if you could hire employees that are intrinsically motivated to high-perform?

Rutherford International’s performance measurement tools accurately assess the psychological components critical to effective performance. It hails from Global 2000 companies, Olympic athletics and military special forces.

New Organizational Realities Require Agile Leadership

With a high degree of predictive accuracy, Rutherford International can map an individual’s potential to succeed in their current and future succession roles. With our ability to predict an individual’s future potential, we can assist in recommending career development targets to improve an employee’s overall workplace performance.This new organizational reality requires managers who inherently possess multiple leadership styles and can apply them with agility and adaptability to achieve corporate objectives.