A Source for High Potential Talent

The NEXTalent Promise of Quality

Rutherford International’s NEXTalent Marketplace and Talent Agency represents a global community of high-potential individuals across 16 vital industry sectors. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering. With over 50% of our candidates receiving promotions within just 18 months of joining, our track record speaks for itself.

Through a meticulous assessment process that combines AI-driven industrial-organizational psychometrics with human insights, we identify prospects with exceptional potential and performance. They consistently surpass employer expectations, achieving success rates of over 85%.

Our fee structure is designed to align with the outcomes achieved during the candidate’s first 18 months of tenure. By partnering with NEXTalent, employers gain access to candidates who are not only 25% more profitable but also 48% more productive compared to their peers in similar positions.

Cost Effective Talent Acquisition Campaigns

Career Portal Job Advertising

Our Career Centre Ad Program begins with an access fee of USD$2,000.00, which underwrites the cost of promotion through NEXTalent’s job board, including LinkedIn Premium. A NEXTalent account manager curates the ad response and oversee the performance assessments on a time and material basis. This approach should hold your acquisition cost to about 15% of the hired candidate’s base salary. Ad respondents are held to the same performance standard required of NEXTalent Community members. However, there are is no performance warranty offered for the Ad Campaign.

NEXTalent’s Curated Recruitment Service

When you choose to work with our Talent Agency, the fees amount to approximately 25% of the Base, net of testing and skills evaluation disbursements. It’s worth noting that the rewards for our Amabassador Referral Network are included in our recruitment fee. To kickstart the process, there is an initial Administrative Fee of $7,500.00 that is charged upon engagement. Furthermore, the completion fee is paid incrementally throughout the warranty period. We take pride in offering replacement warranties of 12 and 18 months, ensuring the importance of predictive performance analytics.

What Clients Can Expect

Our dedicated research team leverages cutting-edge AI-driven performance analytics that are widely used by Global 2000 corporations. With precision, we can accurately predict job performance and forecast future leadership capabilities. Employers can confidently anticipate the highest caliber candidates selected through our superior analytics, surpassing 99% of other available services, all while keeping costs minimal.

Our assessment methods ensure that employers can anticipate prospects who will outperform average employees in similar roles. With an impressive 48% increase in productivity and a remarkable 25% boost in profitability, these selected candidates are bound to deliver exceptional results.

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Contracting Organizations

Venture Capital & Angel Investors Fintech / CREtech Developers
Real Estate Owners/Developers Professional Firms
Resort/Hotel Developers Investment Bankers & Lenders
Public & Private Equity Funds Property Services
Construction & Consulting Engineers REIT’s

Marketplace Member Profile Examples

  • Investment Banker & Private Equity Professional
  • Independent Management Consultant with a Top-Tier MBA
  • Development – Front & Back-end Expertise
  • Construction – International Project Directors
  • Building Science & Operations
  • Leasing & Sales Professionals
  • Chief Executive & C-Suite Exec.
  • Legal Profession / In-House Counsel
  • Academics / Professional Property Services
  • High Potential MRED =>75% Benchmark for Real Estate-CEO

Membership Benefits – 

  • Matching to Industry Mentors & Executive Coach 
  • Webinars – Trends & Opportunities
  • Onboarding Coaching
  • Professional Resources – Employment Contract Review
  • Market-Making Job Hunt Services
  • Compensation Advice
  • Personal Career Development
  • Exclusive NEXTalent Job Board
  • Leadership Style Profiling
  • Validating Career Direction & Top Role Benchmarks
  • Start-Up Developer Alliance with Advisory Board & Pitchroom Support

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