Industry Breadth

We consult to virtually all major sectors within the broader real estate community, including capital markets, investment and portfolio managers, pension funds, real estate operating companies, REIT’s, integrated facilities services, commercial brokerage, retailers, construction and development companies.

Our Real Estate Connections

We actively leverage the Internet to grow our real estate professional network. To receive periodic updates on our activities and opportunities, professionals in investment, real property, corporate, infrastructure, construction and Proptech should register their CV with us, or connect via  LinkedIn 

Search Experience

With more than thirty years in real estate search experience at all levels of the organization and in every economic cycle imaginable…and unimaginable, we understand client need.

How To Best Use Our Real Estate Search Services

We’re happy to help clients infill an unexpected vacancy particularly if it’s a critical and urgent requirement however our preference is to know our clients corporate and departmental aspirations twelve to twenty-four months in advance. The longer the lead time the more refined the candidate list. The ratio of candidates we target for executive positions is 0.8:10. One has to thoroughly assess 50 prospects to get 4 candidates worthy of the short-list. Referral based search is our preferred approach, as it allows us to identify market opportunities for our clients.