Corporate Services

Be it public or private sector, corporate services and their related external service providers are under pressure to reduce costs while adding value to the core business of the client organization. Both procurement and corporate real estate professionals need to influence continuous innovation and development of alternative workplace strategies.


Integrated Facilities Management (IFM):

Over the years, we’ve provided support to corporate users and IFM service providers with the following: communication; emergency preparedness and business continuity; environmental stewardship and sustainability; finance and business; human factors; leadership and strategy; operations and maintenance; project management; quality; real estate and property management; and technology. Read More

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Vested Outsourcing

Performance based contracts are gradually giving way to vested account structures where both user and service provider reduce the myriad of KPI measurements by measuring service performance through an alignment of interests and organizational outcomes. Not all professionals however, in these disciplines’ have the expertise or behavioral wherewithal to shift from a tactical management delivery to a vested client-driven structure. Rutherford International understands both account management approaches and is able to assess professional competency in either structure. Read More

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There are five observed procurement trends that organizations are integrating into their procurement practices. We have the breadth of knowledge and access required to build modern supply management teams. Read More

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