Who Trusts Our Advanced Statistical Analysis

Our science-based, statistical validity analysis provides clients with a single, highly accurate predictor of success for their succession candidates: one that has an astonishing accuracy of 85%. Such a high level of accuracy means that global 2000 organizations rely on this same analysis to handpick top professionals – from military Top Gun fighter pilots to NCAA athletes and American Olympic team members. Put simply, our predictive success rate gives business leaders the confidence they need to gamble on and invest in their succession candidates.

Industry-Specific Performance Research

Rutherford International participates with corporate sponsors to research the essential traits and competencies common to high performers in your industry sector. Currently, were seeking corporate sponsors to participate in a research study to benchmark high-performing commercial real estate brokers. Sponsors will receive special pricing when utilizing the results; don’t hesitate to contact us.

Benchmark Your Proprietary Performance Culture

With science-based analytics and statistical validity, it’s possible to establish a benchmark to predict the personality DNA of an organization accurately. This benchmark can effectively predict future high-performing employees and act as an asset when planning succession. Understanding the attributes of a corporation’s culture and blending that knowledge with a comprehensive analysis of the critical performance characteristics common to both past and present stars within your organization makes it possible to create a science-backed system for optimizing those outcomes into the future. If you wish to learn more about Personality DNA – contact us today.