Identifying Next Generation Leadership

Scientifically derived, the advanced statistical validity analysis we provide clients on their succession candidates, offers a single, highly accurate predictor of an individual’s potential for on-the-job success with an accuracy of 85%. Global 1000 corporations use the same analysis, as does the American Olympic Association, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the US military for identifying Top Gun fighter pilots and Special Forces counter-insurgency operatives.

Industry-Specific Performance Research

Rutherford International sponsors research to measure the key traits and competencies common to high performers in the industry sectors we serve. We are currently seeking corporate sponsors to participate in a research study to benchmark high-performing hybrid workers and remote managers. Sponsors will receive special pricing when utilizing the results; please Contact Us.

Proprietary Benchmarking of Performance Culture

Subject to the size of a corporate dataset, it’s possible to establish a benchmark that reflects the attributes of a specific corporation’s culture and/or the critical performance attributes common to both past and present high-performers in an organization. To learn more about the behavioural DNA of your organization – Contact Us.