A Distributive Approach to Solving Puzzles

Our research team is the lifeblood of what we do – Data Managers, Talent Recruiters and Market Intelligence Agents. We all may work in our own homes but keep connected through collaborative platforms to reach collective goals. The days when cubicles were packed into a single office are long gone; now, it’s about flexibility and agility!

“Our research team is designed for the GIG economy”

We designed our research department to give our GiG workers the independent contractor lifestyle they want. Whether it’s soaking up some sun at a lake getaway or exploring Europe with their laptop – we’re cool either way! On any given day, you might find one working from an airport lounge, studying at Oxford University’s library – even sipping coffee along the banks of The Seine – all without having to take vacation days. In fact, for us here at ‘Rutherford International’s Research Department’, joining team Instagram and sharing travels while still getting work done is core to the job description. That sounds like total goals.

“Being mobile is liberating.”

Our research team’s phenomenal success is powered by their extraordinary inquisitiveness, deep understanding of global networks and the geopolitical scene, and ability to recognize regional differences. And there are plenty of rewards for a job done right – from in-project fees to generous completion bonuses! Working remotely only adds an extra layer of freedom on top of it all!

Network Intel – Internal Support

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