A Distributive Approach to Solving Puzzles

Our internal research team consists of Network Managers, Talent Recruiters and Market Intelligence Agents who are responsible for LeadGen. They all work collaboratively, however, remotely through a cloud server. The days of working from a centralized office on a single floor plate with a nameless workstation are but a quaint anachronism.

“Our research team is designed for the GIG economy”

Our research department has been designed for adherents to the Gig economy. It’s feasible our talent and market specialists are home raising a child or lounging on the dock at their favourite lake getaway. Lifestyle matters for the Gig worker, so we’re not surprised if a video call finds them sipping coffee at a café in Paris, sitting in Oxford University’s library or airport lounge. As long as they share their Instagram account with the team, we’re fine if they want to travel while working.

“Being mobile is liberating.”

Being mobile is liberating. The location has nothing to do with our internal research team’s success. Their excellence is a function of investigative curiosity, a lateral perspective in network analysis, geographical segmentation and a high external awareness for geopolitical trends. Members of our research and data analytics team receive in-project fees and completion bonuses.

Network Intel – Internal Support

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