Operational Turnaround

Corporations are currently grappling with shifting supply chains and uncertain financial markets. Capital flows react to the disruptive weakening of multilateral trade agreements, adherence to DEI mandates and mounting life/safety concerns in the workplace. In this unpredictable climate, stability cannot be assumed by any business.

However, change does not always benefit firms. Previously stable and competitive companies now find themselves struggling to improve their operational and financial performance due to overwhelming legacy liabilities.

No business can take stability for granted

Companies often require an operational turnaround due to a range of issues, including ineffective management, excessive diversification, weak financial structure, unsustainable pension liabilities, strained banking relationships, problematic labour relations, declining market share, unmanageable growth, limited client diversification, nepotism, and, of course, the lack of a comprehensive plan.

These signs of trouble can manifest in a variety of ways.

Our team of turnaround specialists provides clients with two options. They can either serve as interim managers, stepping in to temporarily oversee the decision-making processes of a company and guide it towards stability. Alternatively, a turnaround professional can offer active advisory services to a troubled company’s board of directors, providing valuable insights and expertise.

Firms that benefit from turnaround experts:

  • Established start-ups, particularly those abundant in knowledge, often necessitate a versatile executive possessing the combined acumen of a COO and CFO. This individual’s role is to strategically position the company in terms of administration and finance, ensuring optimal efficiency and success.
  • Established companies with robust distribution channels often find themselves in a critical position where embracing contemporary production methods and metrics becomes an urgent necessity.
  • Companies experiencing short-term challenges can regain profitability with the guidance of an operational or financial turnaround expert who can effectively lead the required internal changes.
  • We are particularly interested in connecting “turnaround experts” with hedge and private equity firms whose portfolio firms need executive oversight before providing “follow-through” funding.

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