Understanding an Organization’s Shadow Network

Social network mapping is an instrumental tool for cataloguing and acquiring high performing human capital. The real sources of influence and institutional knowledge do not always fit snugly into a hierarchical organizational chart. Often behind the public hierarchy of a corporation lies an internal shadow network of dominant employees that are critical to getting things done. It is not always apparent to senior management who these individuals are, however knowing is significant to managing corporate risk with respect to human capital decisions.

“The real source of influence & institutional knowledge”

Mapping Centrality in Organizations

Every network has nodes of influence that aid in the flow of activity within a system. Their relative centrality is often measured by the concentration of their connectivity.

System centrality can be either positive or negative in its influence on workflow. Subject to behavioural nature, a node of influence might be knowingly or feasibly unknowingly be the cause for bottlenecks to progress.

Mapping organizational centrality is particularly useful to an executive’s assessment of their team while on-boarding and/or uncovering the real sources of influence and walking repositories of institutional knowledge.