Understanding an Organization’s Shadow Network

Organizations today have the unique opportunity to utilize social network mapping to unlock knowledge and contributions from key influencers within their companies. This analysis method goes beyond titles, exposing a depth of insight into which employees are integral for fostering relationships, making decisions, and serving as sources of social capital. However, without this powerful tool, senior management may be unaware that these individuals exist – potentially leading to disastrous consequences when it comes time for crucial human capital choices. Thus, social network mapping is essential for any organization’s success in the digital age.

“The¬†real source of influence &¬†institutional knowledge”

Mapping Systems & Organizational Centrality

By understanding and assessing the relation of various nodes within a system to each other, it is possible for an executive team to evaluate the centrality and impactful nature of those members. Proper assessment helps identify how much power or influence specific persons hold to designate tasks efficiently; however, too much concentration around one node will lead to bottlenecks which can negatively affect progress. As such, mapping systems are essential components when seeking organizational success as they provide insight into potential issues regarding behaviour dynamics between influential personnel that would otherwise go unnoticed.