Corporate Turnaround & Restructuring

Our Consultant-On-Demand service is designed to connect clients with a highly skilled and experienced team of Chief Restructuring or Turnaround Officers (CRO/CTO) who possess a wealth of expertise in operational restructuring and financial workout. Our consultants are meticulously vetted to ensure that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to manage even the most complex of projects.

Our CRO/CTOs are not only experts in financial and operational restructuring, but they also possess highly developed skills in managing multiple agendas and stakeholders. This enables them to work efficiently and effectively with all parties involved in a project, ensuring that everyone’s interests are taken into account.

Projects can take up to a year to complete, allowing our consultants to fully immerse themselves in the project and work closely with the client to achieve their goals. Throughout the project, our consultants remain focused on delivering results, using their expertise and experience to help clients navigate even the most challenging of situations.

Experienced Turnaround and Restructuring professionals should submit their resume to our Research Team for consideration here.
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