Consultant-On-Demand Membership

Consultant-On-Demand is a flexible work solution for the Gig economy. We vet contractors for their potential to high-perform in management consulting and the required expertise. Consulting contract terms are generally less than six months. However, subject to platform administration agreement, contracts may be renewed between the Contractor and Contractee for an additional six months. It’s not uncommon for the contracting firm to seek a conversion of the agreement to a full-time employment role.

Restructuring and turnaround experts generally contract for longer terms. What is common to all members of the Consultant-On-Demand platform is their aptitude to adapt to a variety of business environments. Each Consultant must have excellent operational expertise and a highly developed skill at managing a diversity of internal and external agendas.

Critical Attributes / Competencies

Common attributes of all consultants are their exceptional educational backgrounds, diverse project experience and work environment adaptability. The platform represents globally astute experts who have prior experience in either a corporate office, tier-one management consultancy, investment banking or private equity firm.

How It Works

With the assistance of curators, clients post an RFI or RFP to the platform. In concert with curators who understand overall project scope, the system sends the RFI or RFP invites to an optimum short-list of consultants. We facilitate connectivity between both parties in a manner that is discreet and confidential. The platform receives a referral fee based on the value of the contract.

Note: After six months and subject to contractor acceptance, contracting firms may seek to convert a contract to a full-time position with payment of a conversion fee.

The Benefits

Contracting Companies:
Consultant-On-Demand gives small and medium-sized enterprises accessibility to high-performing financial, legal and management consulting skills that are typically limited to large organizations capable of affording high-cost full-time professional services. It’s also an effective method of sampling expertise before committing to the long-term.

For the management consultant, the benefit is having an international executive search firm acting as your booking agent and resource department should you need to staff a project team.