A Marketplace for High Quality Talent

Benchmark Your Potential for Success

Whether assessed for leadership agility, high-performance or potential, we are very confident of a NEXTalent candidate’s statistical probability to perform. Even if you are a recent graduate with no relevant experience, we can empirically predict your potential to succeed in your career direction and future roles.The statistical accuracy of our science-based approach for determining your potential for success is greater than 85%.

How to Join the NEXTalent Community

Three Registration Options

Option One: Lecturers and graduates from a Top 100 Finance, Real Estate, Construction Engineering Graduate program are automatically invited.

Option Two: You can apply to a NEXTalent Job Board posting without being part of the NEXTalent Community. If we select your application for further investigation, you may be invited to undertake a performance benchmark assessment at our expense. An “Above Average” score automatically qualifies your eligibility.

Option Three: Have our NEXTpath Diagnostics team assess you. This option has certain exclusive benefits should you be engaged in an active job search. You are eligible for assistance in your job search through the Talent Agency. This involves career advice, including the Agency actively promoting your availability to Rutherford International and the NEXTalent Marketplace client network. If we successfully place you through our market-making efforts, the Talent Agency will pay you a signing bonus.

If you have concerns about whether you qualify for the NEXTalent Community or are interested learning more about our Talent Agent services – Click Here to discuss, otherwise visit the job board and registry page Clicking Here.

Contracting Organizations

Venture Capital & Angel Investors Fintech / CREtech Developers
Real Estate Owners/Developers Professional Firms
Resort/Hotel Developers Investment Bankers & Lenders
Public & Private Equity Funds Property Services
Construction & Consulting Engineers REIT’s

Marketplace Registrant Profile Examples

  • Investment Banker & Private Equity Professional
  • Independent Management Consultant with a Top-Tier MBA
  • Development – Front & Back-end Expertise
  • Construction – International Project Directors
  • Building Science & Operations
  • Leasing & Sales Professionals
  • Chief Executive & C-Suite Exec.
  • Legal Profession / In-House Counsel
  • Academics / Professional Property Services
  • High Potential MRED =>75% Benchmark for Real Estate-CEO

Membership Benefits – 

  • Access to Industry Mentors & Executive Coach 
  • Webinars – Trends & Opportunities
  • Onboarding Coaching
  • Professional Resources – Employment Contract Review
  • Market-Making Job Hunt Services
  • Compensation Advice
  • Personal Career Development
  • Exclusive NEXTalent Job Board
  • Leadership Style Profiling
  • Validating Career Direction & Top Role Benchmarks
  • Start-up Developer Alliance with Advisory Board & Pitchroom Support