The Market for Project Managers

As real property, constructors, and investment companies become more dynamic and competitive in developing multi-billion-dollar core placemaking initiatives within global, national and regional markets, pulling high-performing project talent from these geographies is critical to successful execution. The global project directors’ roster of owner representatives capable of successfully shepherding mega-urban projects is slightly over 200 professionals.

Historically, in recessionary economies, infrastructure and buildings are two areas of historic underspending that may increase additional labour demand if national and regional governments seek direct and P3 investments to bridge infrastructure gaps and overcome housing shortages within their urban cores. Should governments be seeking shovel-ready urban projects, project managers can expect an increasing demand for their services.

“We are seeing an increase in freelance work at the top end, where individuals have the competencies, confidence and demand in the marketplace to give them as much work as they want,”

Alan Macklin, Deputy Chairman of the Association for Project Managers.

Just-In-Time Project Management

High-performing project managers, particularly those representing the owner, are too costly to keep on the corporate bench underutilized. We anticipate project managers to loan themselves out as hired guns with this competency. This ‘just-in-time’ Project Manager approach means companies can plan the total project cycle.

Placemaking Project Directors

Rutherford International has completed several assignments requiring us to scour the global expertise market for Placemaking Project Directors. The talent roster for Project Directors capable of acting as owner representatives on multi-billion-dollar projects is slightly more than 200 professionals. For this reason, Rutherford International and its NEXTalent division represent world-class project management expertise qualified for the most demanding and complex jobs.

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