The Market for Project Directors & Managers

Project Directors:

Core placemaking initiatives are transforming the global, national and regional markets. These initiatives require top owner-representative talent to manage these multi-billion-dollar projects effectively – yet there is an ever-diminishing pool of professionals capable of successfully leading such ambitious endeavours worldwide.

Senior Project Managers:

During periods of economic instability, governments seek to spur development by investing in projects that are quickly ready for implementation. These joint public and private efforts open up labour opportunities within cities while helping close infrastructure deficits and address housing deficiencies. As such, there is a heightened demand for project managers with the capacity to manage these initiatives successfully.

“We are seeing an increase in freelance work at the top end, where individuals have the competencies, confidence and demand in the marketplace to give them as much work as they want,”

Alan Macklin, Deputy Chairman of the Association for Project Managers.

Just-In-Time Project Management

If you’re an experienced Project Manager, now is the time to shine! Companies everywhere are looking for a few great guns they can call on when needed. This ‘just-in-time’ approach means being able to plan out entire projects according to exact needs and skill sets – no more hiring costly professionals or leaving them underutilized in between work. Get ready; your skills might be needed soon!

Placemaking Project Directors

At Rutherford International, our vast network of Placemaking Project Directors can bring success to any project. We understand the scarcity of these professionals and are confident in their ability to help manage multi-billion dollar ventures as Owners’ Representatives. As such, we provide crucial search services on even the most ambitious undertakings – a service few other consultancies can offer due to this shortage.

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