Our Primary Goal at Rutherford International is to recognize exceptional talent and facilitate their professional growth within specific communities that consist of influential figures, visionaries, mentors, and coaches.

Our Mission is to help the members of our talent communities gain valuable insight into their personality type and identify the natural competencies they possess to achieve their personal and professional aspirations.

Our Approach is to empower our members with the tools and resources necessary to thrive. To gather credible industry intelligence and produce analytics to better coach and advise our talent and corporate clients.

Our Methodology combines the art of intelligence gathering, network analytics, referral sourcing, and AI-driven behavioural science. This fusion enables us to identify top-tier academics, management consultants, thought leaders, industry professionals, and emerging talents. These exceptional individuals are then invited to join various affinity channels within our NEXTalent Community & Developer StartUp Alliance. Within these channels, they can expand their networks, explore job opportunities, build talent pipelines, utilise their expertise as Advisory Board members for start-ups or corporate consulting, and provide mentorship and coaching to carefully chosen mentees.

Our Services

We offer the following services:

  • Executive & Project Management Search & On-boarding
  • Advisory Board Member placement to accelerate targeted SMEs in return for long-term incentives,
  • Independent management consultants available through RFI/RFP,
  • On-Call Mentors & Advisors – semi-retired subject matter experts available to augment our clients’ employee career development programs,
  • A Talent Marketplace & Private Career Portal representing individuals in the top quartile of their profession,
  • Affinity Communities that focus on SMART development, place-making projects, corporate turnaround and asset repositioning.
  • Pre-Hiring Assessment: Leadership assessment & success benchmarking.
  • Career Diagnostics & Transition Advisory: Counsel young adults starting out & adult workers facing transition due to layoff. 

Industry Sectors Served

  • Commercial, Retail & Residential Multi-Family Owner/Developers
  • Hospitality & Resort Developers
  • Infrastructure P3, General Contractors & Consulting Engineers
  • Airport Authorities
  • Structured Finance & Investment Management
  • Alternative Debt & Equity Lenders
  • Corporate Real Estate & IFM
  • Specialized Manufacturing
  • Professional Services – Finance / Accounting / Legal
  • Management Consultants / Capital Markets