Relevance of  Assessment

The applied working theory behind the majority of psychometric tools is to establish a relatively accurate behavioral profile that allows for a certified practitioner of the assessment tool to model the candidate and validate assessment scores by structuring an effective behavioral interview process. In the hands of a skilled behavioral interviewer, these assessments  are helpful in predicting under what circumstances people will perform well, and what will likely cause performance errors.

However Industrial Psychologists have found little correlation between these test scores and their ability to predict high performance on a job specific basis. The predictive accuracy for identifying a candidate’s potential to perform in a specific job is grounded in the Practitioner’s interpretation of the scores and interview responses. In other words, the application of science seemingly slips into applied intuition, which would suggest why the majority of these assessment tools have a predictive accuracy not exceeding 55 percent.

Our science based approach is far more granular as we assess 83 character traits versus an industry range of 26 to 55 traits. We benchmark the Behavioral DNA of high performers by functional category and by specific jobs in said category. For example, Accounting as a category and Corporate Controller as a specific function. We then apply actuarial math or synthetic validity to our calculations to arrive at an empirical score which is 85% accurate in predicting a person’s potential to high perform.

Performance Under Pressure Assessment

The tools we use, accurately assess the behavioral components critical to effective performance; and have been applied and tested in the world of Fortune 500 companies, competitive athletics and military special services. Our methods determine who has the psychological “Right Stuff” to function at elite levels of performance. We are able to reliably predict whether or not a person can stay focused and keep their emotions under control, which are core elements of performing well under high-pressure conditions.

Due-Diligence Management Assessment

The only way to achieve a meaningful appraisal of an organization’s talent capital is to benchmark the team against the market. Post-merger, pre-acquisition or at critical points in a company’s growth, our management appraisal service provides a science based decision support tool that mitigates human capital risk.

Building High Performance Teams

Rapid cycling of “boom/bust” market conditions and the need to meet corporate objectives will quickly reveal the capabilities and limitations of your executive and management team members. Our systematic assessment of individual and team “attentional” and interpersonal characteristics help identify leadership, personal development targets, identifies gaps, improves selection for hiring and succession planning efforts.