Many competent executives, managers and professionals have failed more than once in their career, not having understood their behavioral strengths and weaknesses; nor that of the management team they inherited or selected to support them. Our methods provide clients with concrete data on a variety of skills and capabilities, including: leadership, risk tolerance, competitiveness, decision making skills, emotional balance, mental toughness to name a few.

Rutherford International
offers career guidance, encouragement and counsel. Access is not limited to scheduled appointments. We incorporate web intranet technology in our efforts to supply timely support and motivation to clients. The network offers a unique value to our non-corporate clients, and is not limited by geographical, personal or logistical constraints.

Our pragmatic business approach to career counseling and executive coaching emphasize the needs of the individual – not the process. The program is tailored to individual needs, and is implemented in a manner which helps the client find a career path best suited to his or her own skills and temperament.

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